Uniqlo Uni-glow

Jasmine: One of our favourite mass-market brands has got to be Japanese retailer Uniqlo. I firmly believe that while other large brands like H&M produce affordable, trendy fashion, Uniqlo is unrivalled in terms of quality and value for money.

We’ve unearthed quite a few good quality staples for Andrew from Uniqlo!

For Him

1. Hunter green polo tee, $29.90


Jasmine: One of Uniqlo’s strengths is that it always delivers wardrobe basics in an extensive and on-trend array of colours. We liked how the forest green went well with Mr Chong’s tan.

Andrew: Uniqlo’s the best place for good, affordable polo T-shirts. I had been looking for them high and low as most of them were either too generic or too expensive (ie. Fred Perry). This was perfect! I wore this for a ‘green-themed’ party and my colleague commented that this was the most ‘interesting green’. Heh. Another colleague commented that this was RI green.

I liked the shirt a lot, but being rather stingy, was unwilling to buy it. Dearie thoughtfully made an additional trip down to Uniqlo on another day just to get it for me as a surprise gift!

2. Navy blue bermudas, $39.90

Andrew: I always find that I don’t have enough casual clothes, so this berms was perfect for me (perfect price, perfect fit and perfect colour too!). The colour doesn’t come out too clearly in the picture below, but it is indeed a very versatile pair of berms as it matches almost everything.

blueberms High tea at HOUSE

Jasmine: The slim cut and nautical feel of the navy blue bermudas make this a slightly more smart casual alternative to baggy berms. Dear wore this ensemble (I bought the top for him for $5 in Hong Kong- it was supposedly XS!) for afternoon tea at House. Navy blue is consistently underrated but it makes a great staple colour to have in your wardrobe, apart from the usual (boring) black.

We like to keep it sharp and tailored with white, stripes and anything nautical, really. However, you can pair your navy blue berms the way you would pair your jeans: with anything.

3. Wrinkle-free shirt and jeans, $49.90 and $69.90 respectively

Andrew: This  is one of my most comfortable and flexible pair of jeans that I keep wearing again and again every weekend. The shirt is simple yet versatile too, suitable for work and for casual weekends.


Jasmine: For the grand price of $69.90, a very decent, nicely-cut pair of jeans to wear again and again. Although we advocate mixing different brands, this turned out to be a head-to-toe Uniqlo look styled by Dear himself for a Sunday matinee at the  Esplanade. It’s smartened up by the Raoul belt and Geox shoes. Tip: pointed shoes elongate you and make you look taller and leaner. Just don’t get too carried away with the pointiness though, unless you’re auditioning for the role of Aladdin:

4. PVC leather bomber jacket, $99.90


Andrew: I couldn’t find a clearer picture of me and the coat alone, but this leather jacket has come in very useful in my travels or at church. It took us two trips to Uniqlo before we managed to unearth a jacket which was of a size suitable for me. I always find that leather jackets add an immediate element of style without having to work too hard.

Jasmine: I think this has got to be one of our best buys from Uniqlo. A rugged yet city-appropriate jacket for Andrew, to replace the casual white Adidas jacket that somehow mysteriously vanished. This jacket fits Andrew snugly and looks alot more expensive than it really is.

For Her

Jasmine: And although my dressing veers towards the vintage and eclectic, I’ve also found Uniqlo exercise gear to be affordable and made of high quality materials on those (rare) occasions when I break a sweat!

I have a pair of shorts ($19.90), a pair of 3/4 pants ($25.90), and two exercise tops ($14.90 and $29.90). I bought the 3/4 pants and both tops for my Pilates sessions, but I’ve only done three so far. Heh.

p.s. Dear says I shouldn’t “model” my workout gear as it’s rather body-hugging, but I assure you that they fit well and have sufficient stretch.

3/4 sleeve top, $14.90

This 3/4 sleeve top is designed for breathability, and what I like about it is how well it integrates with my everyday wardrobe, as it provides the perfect minimalist complement to some of my more “out there” skirts.


Tutu skirt from Etsy


Floral applique skirt from H&M Finland, hairband from Covent Garden London

Andrew: I’m quite amazed at how versatile the top is, creating such simple yet sophisticated looks for Dearie.

Credits for most of the photos go to Dearie for deciding which were the best spots for photo-taking in terms of colour contrasts. It was a fun time indeed! 🙂

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