2nd Year Anniversary @ La Catina

[Andrew: We are still clearing our backlog of entries and this entry dates back to even before the June holidays!]

Special Bouquet from Secret Garden by Jaslyn



Jasmine: We had just been in this flower shop a week prior and I had fallen in love with the delphiniums because of its unusual and vivid indigo hue. So I was pleasantly surprised when Andrew incorporated that flower when he put this anniversary bouquet together himself (with some help from the florist, of course).

Andrew: There was no bouquet with the flower that Dearie requested, hence I had to ‘make’ my own by choosing various flowers which I thought complemented the delphiniums quite well using some of Dearie’s ‘colour wheel’ principle and of course, some of my own ‘instincts’.  This was actually one of the most affordable and beautiful bouquets that I’ve bought Jasmine.

Dinner at La Catina in Venezia @ Changi Village Hotel

Jasmine: For dinner, Andrew chose an Italian restaurant located at Changi. I’d have to give it at least four stars for ambience, seriously, because its out-of-the-way, seaside location made it perfect for a romantic and quiet dinner.

I was not so keen on the faux Baroque decor but otherwise enjoyed the high ceilings and sweeping views of the sea.


Andrew: A colleague had recommended this place to me before and I read good reviews of it on ladyironchef, which claimed it was one of the best places for Italian food. I’m always on the look out for quiet, scenic places that make you feel like you’re not in Singapore and this was definitely it! The restaurant was located on the top floor of the hotel, next to the small swimming pool. It was breezy and you had a perfect view of the sea. It was just the place I wanted! They offer al fresco dining as well.

IMG_0007  IMG_0009

Jasmine: Andrew had heard good things about the Parma ham and melon, and I must say this was one dish that lived up to its reputation! Painstakingly cured and full of brackish flavour,and went well with the juicy and sweet melon slices. Oh yes, do take note that you’re not supposed to discard the streaks of fat, as Parma ham can only be appreciated in its entirety. So be prepared to forgo your diet 🙂

Andrew: This was an extremely generous portion of paper thin parma ham with huge slices of sweet melon. Parma ham is extremely salty, so the sweet melon did help to balance out the saltiness. It helped too that the melon was incredibly fresh and juicy. However, I’m one for warm appetizers, so I didn’t quite enjoy it after a while. I enjoyed the parma ham much more when I ate it with the garlic bread below as its warm fragrance really helped to enhance the taste of the ham.


Generous portions of garlic bread

Andrew: We enjoyed the garlic bread lots. Huge slices of bread with butter and fresh garlic and herbs sprinkled over – what’s there not to like? I believe it was rather affordable too. That’s another plus point of these out of the way restaurants! Now, on to our main courses!

IMG_0017  IMG_0020

Jasmine: Gnocchi and ravioli are like comfort food to me. This gnocchi was quite palatable as it was creamy but not too starchy.


Crabmeat Linguine

Andrew: This was one of the highly recommended dishes on the food blog and hungrygowhere.com (another good food resource, but not as reliable as blogs, IMHO) as well. It had a very light tomato base mixed with cream and an intense seafood umami taste. The crab meat came in medium size chunks, so it was quite worth it.

Andrew: Unfortunately, the dessert was a big letdown. I can’t even remember what the name of this dessert was, but basically – don’t even bother trying any of their desserts. They are over-priced – at about $8 per dessert and they aren’t even made in-house. You know the dessert is not good when it’s just taken out of the freezer where you see the drink bottles stored.


IMG_0013Locking fingers over the Parma ham

Andrew: We would still recommend this restaurant for the ambience and better than average food!

It was indeed a significant anniversary for us as we had just done our 3rd lesson of the marriage preparation course with Touch Community services that day too. During the dinner, we spoke about our plans for the future – our future – and we also covered other points recommended to us by the couples conducting the course. We realised too that we had indeed made great strides as a couple and individually over the year and truly, we are thankful to God for bringing us to where we are today and teaching us to learn how to love each other.


Happy 2nd year Anniversary Dearie!


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