The Proposal (Part 1)

Andrew: Because of various hints I’d given (I’m not the best at hiding secrets), Jasmine already kind of knew that I was going to propose on this day. Hence, the ‘challenge’ for me was to still surprise her in spite of the fact that she knew it would happen. In planning this, I thought about what always brought Jasmine great joy and integrated them into the proposal! Heh.

My ‘formula’ for a successful surprise proposal was:

1. Flowers: The bouquet from Far East Flora that couldn’t have been more apt. It was named the ‘Will you Marry Me?’ bouquet and it had those words embossed in gold on all the roses!

2. Helium Balloons: Went back to Bez Balloons to get crazy foil helium balloons with declarations of ‘I love you’! That’s another thing Dearie (and I’m sure all girls) like – bold declarations of the guy’s affection and love for them! Heh.

3. Jasmine’s girls: Jasmine’s girls have a very special place in her heart and I knew that she would definitely have wanted to share this special moment with them. The location was also decided on because it was near to our church venue and hence convenient for the girls! Liaised with them via Facebook and gave them clear directions. We were thankful indeed that many of them came down to share our joy – now we’re waiting for the photos of the proposal that they took while hiding in the corner of Alexandra Arch. Heh.

 (Jasmine: It sounds like a simple plan but I am very sure that coordinating all these items was no mean feat. Thank you so much dear!)

I shall now let Jasmine take over and share the story from her perspective:


Jasmine: When we reached HortPark, we went to the washroom, and while I was in the ladies’, I overheard Andrew (who was waiting for me outside) talking fairly loudly on the phone. I couldn’t catch everything, but I distinctly overheard him saying: “we are here already… no, that’s too far, come back.”

We headed back to the car, where Andrew opened the boot and out popped a bunch of balloons and a huge bouquet of roses. He then proceeded to walk me out in the direction of Treetop Walk, but refused to answer any questions about where we were going or how far we had to walk.

To be honest, the proposal itself happened rather quickly. Andrew stopped me in the middle of Alexandra Arch and gave his proposal speech. He knelt down on one knee and held the ring in front of me.

Jasmine’s girls helped take this picture while hiding in the corner.

Then he asked me to open the card that had come with the bouquet. The card simply said, “Will you marry me?”

Now, I thought I would give Andrew a surprise of my own in exchange for the many I knew he had planned for me (yes, knowing beforehand about a “planned” surprise sounds paradoxical, but it made it no less touching when he actually proposed). I had anticipated that this would be the day that Andrew would propose, so I had already prepared a card the night before, which simply said, “Yes.”

I gave it to him. After he read it,  he looked to his right and yelled, “She said yes. You can come out now!” and nine of my girls came running out from behind a pillar where they had been hiding all along.

That was when I cried.





Jasmine: In classic Andrew fashion, Andrew had written out his proposal speech word for word. (Of course, he had to modify it slightly because the audience he’d intended it for was still hiding behind the pillar.)


And here are pictures of THE ring from Tiffany & Co!

IMG_0970 IMG_0973

This is a Soleste diamond engagement ring from Tiffany & Co. We should probably save the story of the ring for another time, but needless to say I truly loved its vintage feel and incessant sparkle, as I find solitaire rings rather plain and conventional.

After that, we stayed on the Alexandra Arch to take more photos by sunset!



Andrew: We were indeed very blessed that evening too. As we were taking photos, this man came along and volunteered to take photos for us as he was waiting for his family. He was patient and accommodating and took the same shot many times to get what we wanted. This is one of our favourite pictures from the night:


Andrew: After we took all the photos we wanted, we made our way down from Hort Park to our dinner destination for Part 2 of our the Proposal ‘celebrations’. (Jasmine: We don’t want to spam you with photos, so look out for that in a separate post!)

As we drove down, we spent some time thanking God for His goodness and provision in our journey together thus far. It was truly a special and heartfelt moment for us.


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