The Proposal (Part 2)

Late dinner @ 1-Altitude and Walk down Memory Lane

Andrew: No proposal is complete without a great meal at a romantic restaurant!

I wanted to find a place that had a beautiful, uninterrupted view of the Singapore skyline and my research led me to 1-Altitude @ 1 Raffles Place. It was indeed an excellent choice as you will see later in the photos later! The view from here was just stunning!

The traffic on the way there was insane and we took almost 40 minutes just to drive down. The great plus point was then as we were on the way there, we could hear fireworks going off in the air and it was as if those fireworks were for us too, celebrating our joyous moment 🙂

We arrived at the lobby and were directed to the lift which took us up 63 stories! When we arrived at the restaurant, we were shown to our seats and they had given us a table at a quaint little corner which was very private and had an amazing view of the Marina Bay area:


Imagine if you were seated here during NDP. You would be able to see everything happening on the floating platform and have a full view of the fireworks.

IMG_0937 IMG_0942

Pre-dinner Photographs


Rustic Warm Bread

I thought this was a very well-composed shot (can’t remember who took it?). The bread came with butter, olive oil & balsamic vinegar, olives and radishes. The radishes were an acquired taste – rather plain on their own, but went well with the butter and the bread as it added a nice crunch to the overall texture.


Our main courses…


Angus Rib Eye Steak

IMG_0948 IMG_0949

All the steaks come with horse-radish crusted bone marrow, snail green chive potatoes and a daily selection of sauces and condiments. The steak was less juicy than I was used too – it was a rather ‘thin’ slice, so there wasn’t the usual bite that I enjoyed from my steak. The sides were good and unique though! I loved the jelly-like savoury flavour of the bone marrow and the creamy richness of the chive potatoes.



Jasmine: The panoramic view was nothing short of fantastic, but the food left much to be desired. Although the fried apples and Iberico jamon imparted an ambrosial fruitiness to the pork, I have tasted Kurobuta pork belly that is more tender and seasoned. Sadly, the side of mashed potato (not pictured) was the best dish that night.

A closer look at our ‘fashion-choices’ for the night…



(On Andrew: bespoke shirt from Rossi; on Jasmine: tulle dress from Hong Kong, heels from Andre Valentino)


Jasmine: The desserts we had wanted were all out of stock at that late hour, so we settled for chocolate truffle cake and a chocolate tart from the patisserie. I was, however, pleasantly surprised that both offerings were light enough on the palate but not insubstantial- even Andrew, the voracious eater who used to eat six meals a day back in college, had to call it quits and leave the cakes unfinished.

Andrew: Dear, I don’t think these desserts could be considered light on any count. They were both intensely rich, chocolately desserts. As I was making my way slowly but steadily through the desserts, Dearie took the time to take many shots of her rings in multiple arrangements amongst the flowers. I was glad to see that she really loved her rings so much. Heh. 🙂


Jasmine: Now we can finally disclose a little secret. This Michal Negrin ring which has made a couple of cameos on the blog was a gift from Andrew. He gave it to me when he invited me for Marriage Preparation Course (MPC) in April this year.


Andrew had sneakily planned our walking route such that we would walk into Raffles City from the Robinson’s entrance. Once there, he steered me very cleverly to the Michal Negrin section, banking on the fact that I would not be able to resist a little shopping. Then he subtly got me to try on different pieces of jewelry (not difficult, as you can guess) and asked me which ring I preferred.

He then dropped me in Paper Market, another store which he knew I wouldn’t be able to say no to, whilst he went back and bought the ring which I had picked out.

Then he presented it to me that evening as we were sitting by the bays at the Esplanade.

Andrew: Yes, this was one of the best surprises I’ve planned thus far for Jasmine. I’m quite proud of it!


Jasmine: If Andrew’s weakness is chocolate, then mine has got to be flowers. The velvety red roses were practically begging to be used as the background for our ring photos. (We’d also like to point out that none of these photos have been retouched or altered in any way, so the colors of the roses and the rings are true to life.)

And once again, the engagement ring from Tiffany & Co! We keep getting compliments on how unusual and "blingy" this ring is. One guy friend even pretended to shield his eyes because the "blinginess" of the ring was too blinding. Heh.




Jasmine: And of course, one of the best parts of the night actually happened by accident. It was our slow walk back to the carpark, which took us past the historical City Hall area.

We strolled past Timbre, where we first met socially, and the Singapore River, where he brought me on one of our most memorable dates on a cruise, and Fullerton Hotel, where we had a class learning journey back when we were trainee teachers at NIE. What a wonderful (if slightly insane!) ride it’s been and I’m so blessed to have a man like Andrew in my life to take care of and cherish me.


Our first picture together at our first ‘social’ gathering at Timbre

Andrew: As we enjoyed our meal at 1-Altitude, I shared with Dearie how writing the proposal speech brought back so many wonderful memories of our getting-to-know-each-other days in NIE – the funny moments shared with friends, the endless teasing, the working together on various projects and geeky review sessions we would do on MSN after each presentation.

2Working on projects together in NIE

In taking a step forward, I looked back on all our ‘first love’ moments and it was really a trip down beautiful memory lane. The journey has had its rough moments, but we’ve weathered it through together and emerged stronger and appreciative of each other. Thanks Dearie for being the best girlfriend ever!

A final picture of the ring, courtesy of Jasmine’s auntie:


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