Bridesmaid Dresses

Jasmine: Today was National Day so, in a show of support for our local economy, my sister and I traipsed down to Orchard to look at bridesmaid dresses!

These two were from Love Potion at Far East Plaza:

These two dresses were rejected. We disliked how the lilac dress looked like a split curtain.

On the other hand, the champagne pink dress was just ok. The pleating on the bodice was fairly pretty up close, but didn’t fit well because it was a size too large. In any case, we found a dress in the correct hue (our theme is purple) and that was the most flattering cut and colour for Charlene!

(Errm, this is obviously not my sister, as she didn’t want to reveal her dress beforehand. However, the A-line silhouette and deep eggplant hue are very similar to the bridesmaid dress we picked out for Charlene.)

The dress is not groundbreakingly avant-garde, but it is an elegant enough silhouette that my sister can re-use for D&Ds and other formal functions.

I’m not impressed with those silly convertible dresses that seem to be all the rage now as I find that they are not particularly flattering on anyone. The multiplicity of folds is overly-complicated and not even that appealing on camera. The stretchy nylon material is poor quality and will not age well after a few machine washes. Furthermore, although they’re supposedly “free size”, they do not do plus-size girls any justice (see previous point on “stretchy nylon material”). Even if you’re on a budget, it’s better to spend a little more money and get your bridesmaid something tailored and simple that she can (willingly) wear again.

And perhaps purple accessories to match?

Photo credits: Charlene. Thanks for the sneaky dressing-room shots!

5 responses to “Bridesmaid Dresses

  1. Hi babe! R u preparing for ur wedding? Btw, I don’t recommend Love Potion. I had one bridesmaid dress made there and it was poorly made and did not fit me well despite 2 fitting sessions. I totally agree with your comment about the reversible dress. I am so not into it

  2. Oh this is very timely! I was going to have a snoop around at fabric choices today. šŸ˜€ I see hers is still a shade lighter than what I was imagining… To be safe, I’ll go for the darkest purple I can find.

  3. hers is dark purple (did u see the pic we emailed you?) but it is still bright, if that even makes sense. a matte chiffon, so if you go for a different shade and material the overall effect should still be pretty nice!

  4. marie- thanks babe! i had also heard bad reviews abt love potion but the designer there was extremely patient. plus we are altering an existing dress, not making a new one from scratch, so hopefully that will help. keeping fingers crossed!

  5. I’m playing with the idea of apple green for my bridesmaids next year. I’m so looking forward to your pictures! Woohoo!

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