Evening Gowns: Far East vs Centrepoint

Jasmine: Is it worth splurging on an evening gown?

Note: my evening gown will be tailored by my bridal studio, but since we were in the Orchard area, I thought, no harm trying on a couple dresses… purely for research purposes, of course.

One of the most ubiquitous styles is the sweetheart neckline so we decided to focus our, ahem, comparative market research on that.

First, we went to Far East Plaza.

This was a fairly flattering blue but the waist was placed a little too low.

Cost: $380

The plus point is that you can rent this gown at $180 (because it doesn’t really make sense to buy a long gown unless you have several formal functions to attend or are royalty), but you have to pay extra for alterations. Unfortunately, alterations to this particular gown will be complicated as you have to bring up the waist and take in the gown through the back seams.

The following day, we went to Robinson’s at Centrepoint, where we saw a nearly-identical dress.


This is a dress from UK label Coast, in a nice rich shade of aubergine. The pleating is alot finer and especially below the waist, the pleats are strategically centralised, which creates the illusion of added height and slimness. In contrast, the dress from Far East Plaza is gathered all around under the waist, which promotes the appearance of pregnancy (not a good look unless you really are pregnant.)

And get this… This dress from Coast only costs $389, which is only fractionally more expensive than the Far East version!

Verdict: I’m not bowled over by either dress, to be frank- they’re both somewhat generic. But if I’d have to choose, I’d say go for the Coast dress. Not only is it better made, it’s a negligible $9 difference.

On another note, avoid lace up backs like these:

They look rather pretty (if a little ’80s) but it took the sales assistant 15 min to help me lace it up! Not only that, it takes skill to lace you in tightly enough to flatter your figure, while still leaving you with enough breathing room. Unless you have your own dedicated P.A., go for zippered dresses (which are also much faster to change in and out of, for brides-to-be). Under no circumstances should you trust your husband with a lace-up back. It is not as simple as tying a shoelace 😛


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