Cocktail Dresses!

Jasmine: Unless you are the mother of the bride, a cocktail dress is formal and yet versatile enough for a whole host of dressy events ranging from weddings to D&Ds! Andrew and I actually went to Robinson’s with the express purpose of finding him a suit, but we got sidetracked in the women’s department.

All dresses are from Coast and Jessica at Robinson’s unless otherwise stated.

Andrew and I both liked this lace applique dress, which is tied with two ribbons in the back, but it looked too bridesmaid-ish.


I was attracted to the slightly retro scallop tiers and contrast edging (see below), but the indeterminate greyish-mauve shade did nothing for my complexion. Avoid unless you are incredibly fair.


A nice fuchsia pink colour, but let down by the conventionally “sweet” draping and neckline. Plus it’s too long for a cocktail dress, and too short for an evening gown.


A 50s’ silhouette meets 21st-century print here. The most unusual dress of the lot, with neon yellow floral appliques that lent some textural interest to the piece. However, the taupe hue was dull and drab, and this was their smallest available size and still swallowed me whole.


Price range: $129 – $439

Overall verdict: Robinson’s merchandise buyers seem to be on the safe side when it comes to formal dressing. If you are looking for wearable and “pretty” pieces at mid-range prices, this would be one possible place to hit since Robinson’s carries multiple labels. However, if making a fashion statement is what you want, go elsewhere.

Speaking of elsewhere, try some of my favourite places for unearthing cocktail dresses:

Dress made from ’70s fabric, worn for my 21st birthday, sourced from vintage boutique at Far East Plaza

Forget the LBD, every girl should have a little red dress in her closet.












Pink dress, worn for wedding at Four Seasons: Lipsy

The blush-pink colour is neither too pastel nor too neutral, so with a soft colour like that, I  like the long drape that cascades from shoulder to knee for a subtly dramatic effect.

Yellow dress, worn for wedding at Fort Canning: River Island

For an outdoor or modern wedding, I like this dress because of its bold colour and origami-style pleats.

All three dresses cost under $200!


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