Sneak Preview: Jazzy’s “Prada” Cocktail Dress!

Jasmine: Hello readers, it’s me again, which means that this will be a wedding/ fashion post and not a food post. Which means that if you’re allergic to “girly” talk about cocktail dresses and/ or are male, you may wish to log off now.

Anyway, Andrew and I spotted this French-imported dress at a small boutique. It was promising but was just not quite there yet.


I was brutally honest with the sales assistant about what I didn’t like about the dress: “The curly wires need to go, the hem needs to be let down at least eight inches, the floral appliques on the bodice are too dense, I prefer more open-work lace, ideally in one colour, kill the rhinestones, reduce the embroidery on the skirt and change the colour palette… and then we might have a cute dress.”

To her credit, the saleslady was extremely patient and accommodating even as I was comprehensively dissing her dress, and she even brought out her fabric swatches for me to pore over:


I selected…

1) a dusky rose silk for the lining (the saleslady was very heart pain about this; she said that people used this fabric for evening wear but here I was using it as a lining)

2) one layer of pink tulle and two layers of iridescent white tulle (bottom left)

3) taupe silk, to be used for the waistband and

4) white lace, to be cut up and re-arranged into appliques

The white lace, by the way, is the same lace that Prada has used in its 2008 collections (seen here in charcoal):

Anyway, the cost of tailoring this cocktail dress was…

30% cheaper than the French-imported yellow dress (and using higher-quality materials too, such as silk for the lining instead of polyester)

40% lower than the price quoted by my bridal studio!

I’d really, really like to thank Mr Andrew Chong for being so accommodating about my bridal wardrobe. When we placed the order for the cheongsam, all he said was, “we’ll re-look our budget”, and when I asked him what he thought about customising a cocktail dress, he agreed without too much hesitation. Most men would have hemmed and hawed but he was ready to make all my silly dress dreams come true. Thank you dear!

Now all “my costume changes” have been settled… On to Andrew’s!

(p.s. come back tomorrow to see sneak pix from Jazzy’s first fitting!)


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