Sneak Preview: First Look at "Prada" Cocktail Dress!

Jasmine: I went for my first cocktail dress fitting with Mum and Charlene and to be frank, received the shock of my life when I realised that the colour of the skirt was not the colour I had envisioned. It was too purplish and the netting colour contrasted too greatly with the petticoat colour.

However, the seamstress had also cut out the Prada lace and helped me tack them onto the bodice of the dress. Bonus points to her for being exceptionally patient even as I fretted over how to alter the dress (and then finally deciding to leave it as it was).

So as promised, a first look at the cocktail dress:







Now I just need to figure out when I’m gonna wear this dress.

Andrew: During the photo shoot! 🙂

The tailor was very professional during the first time we were there and gave Jasmine quite a good deal, so I’m sure the dress will turn out great! It will be finally my turn to get involved in the fitting tomorrow!

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