Vintage picnic shoot

Andrew: One of the most memorable and fun parts of planning a wedding is the pre-wedding shoot!

Dearie and I certainly had lots of fun planning, preparing and having the photo-shoot itself.

We wanted the pictures to really capture who we were and our relationship, hence we chose localities and conceptualised the photo-shoot around what we normally liked to do together.

We had 3 localities in total, but we’re only going to talk about the picnic shoot because it was the most fun part! We had a whole box of props for this shoot and imagine, we already scaled down the props we were intending to bring.

Dearie wanted to have a vintage picnic shoot after viewing her (many) wedding photo blogs and I thought we’d infuse elements of what we like – eating and reading – into our picnic shoot. (Jasmine: To be honest, Andrew was the one who pushed for our picnic concept to incorporate elements of our favorite pastimes- and I think it paid off well.)

Andrew: I especially enjoyed our picnic shoot the most because it was the one part that truly represented us and our relationship, with so many significant items that brought back memories of the journey that we’ve been through over the past 2 years. (Jasmine: Yes, I had just moved house and had to dig through my ten boxes of childhood belongings, but managed to find many postcards and letters written by my Dear throughout the last two years of courtship- not only were they highly symbolic, they also added lovely touches of pastel colours.)

Andrew: These were our props for the vintage picnic shoot:

(Do note that the photos showed here are the ones that did not make it to our final shortlist for the album.)

1. Bird cages (from EXIM arts), elaborately decorated by Dearie

2. ‘Fairy tale’ notebook (a gift to Dearie in our first few months of dating – this was the first gift I got for Jasmine that wasn’t a hint from her.) (Jasmine: AHEM.. What are you trying to imply, Mr Chong?)

3. Tiara – from Dearie’s birthday celebration last year


4. Books by Jane Austen with vintage book jackets (the yellow and blue book in the picture below) + ‘The Inheritance of Loss’ (a novel I lent to Jasmine). We even brought along one of Jasmine’s Bibles  – which was rather tattered and torn.


5. The patchwork quilt we are using as a picnic mat was borrowed from Jasmine’s cousin – Steffy (who has no idea who gave it to her).

6. Penguin book-cover post cards from Rock-star (Gift to Jasmine from our 6-month anniversary)

DSC_8701 7. Cake stands supplied by Jasmine’s mum (the pink glass one was used for Jasmine’s 21st birthday party and the two-tier was a gift from her dad to her mum)


8. Cards I had written to Dearie over the years, held up with a laundry-line with pegs that Dearie had bought from Covent Garden

9. Macarons from The Icing Room – They were the cheapest we could find. They certainly weren’t tasty, but made for a nice dash of colour in our photo-shoot.


10. Wreath from IKEA

11. Pop-up Alice in Wonderland from



12. Flowers 🙂

Andrew: It was really a fun photo-shoot. We had so much fun just being natural – reading books, feeding each other the macarons, lying down on the quilt and the photographers just went trigger-happy, clicking non-stop.


Jasmine: Yes, we took 15 min to set up the picnic shoot and everyone -the photographers, the photographer’s assistant and Mr Chong himself- pitched in to help screw on cake stands and lay out cards. As we were doing so, the photogs were just snapping closeup after closeup of our props!

These photos were taken at the end of the day, so it was great to just wind down. I felt that we were most natural and relaxed during this picnic shoot too: we were essentially being ourselves, reading aloud from Austen novels and re-reading all the cards Andrew had given me. The photographers hardly gave us any direction.

Oh yes, if anyone likes the birdcages in this shoot, I’ll be blogging about how to do a birdcage floral arrangement in the near future!


(On Andrew: custom-made tux shirt and pants from Rossi, shoes from Everlast; on Jasmine: custom-made Prada lace dress from Angelique)

Andrew: Thanks Dearie for conceptualizing the entire shoot, especially looking for pictures on the web and even designing the bird cages from scratch.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a detail shot in this series! Jasmine will write more about it soon.


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