A Big Step Ahead @ Antoinette

Andrew: In the midst of running all our wedding administrative tasks, I’m still glad that Dearie and I have the time to squeeze in some fun and joy. This week our administrative task was our statutory declaration to collect our ROM certificates!

Everything ran very smoothly. We took our queue number, waited for about 30 minutes then went in to verify our details and pledge that all we had put down was accurate – and we were out!

Of course, we couldn’t leave without some photos! 🙂


Jasmine: Actually, I was under the impression that it was just a routine interview to check that we weren’t polygamists or anything. I didn’t realise we were here to collect the certificate of marriage (unsigned, hence not legally married yet) until we, well, collected it.


Andrew: Yes, we know the photo and slogan are super cheesy, but it was fun! They even had a spot marked on the walkway up to ROM to indicate to you where the best spot was to take a photo with a nice yellow box! Heh.

I thought that it would be a real waste and downer for us to just go home after collecting the certificate, so I’d planned ahead for us to celebrate this big day at a very special place. Dearie, of course, didn’t know that and even up till earlier that day, we were discussing whether I should drop her off to go shopping while I went home to complete marking. Heh. We had mentioned Antoinette many times already, so I thought it would be the perfect place to go since our timing was just about right for afternoon tea!

Jasmine: I thought we were headed home after that so that Andrew could clear his marking, but Mr Chong had a sweet surprise (no pun intended) for me!

He treated me to afternoon tea at Antoinette- which I’d been wanting to go to for so long, even my mother had beat me to it 😛 Tsk… If I had known, I would have dressed better and put on makeup. (Andrew: Don’t worry Dearie, you’re always well-dressed! Heh.)

Andrew: Antoinette is located in the most unexpected of places, at Penhas place, in the midst of various industrial buildings and some of the oldest flats that I’ve seen in a while. There’s a treacherous t-junction to navigate with no traffic lights, but we eventually got there safely with minimal irritations!

We were immediately greeted with rows of colourful and gorgeous cakes:


Jasmine: We loved the French-inspired setup, which was opulent yet shabby chic, rendered in soft pastels and luxe velvets! I kept bugging Mr Chong about doing up our future home like this. Heh. Needless to say, he refused.



Andrew: I don’t mind the colour scheme, but I did find the furniture rather overbearing and heavy (in terms of feel, not weight) for a home! Anyway, the new dressing table that Dearie bought from King & King Wong does have the same feel as the furniture here!

(Jasmine: I’m just kidding about the French baroque home. I do admit it would be overkill- a modern French style with Scandinavian elements would reflect both our styles better, methinks.)


More pics of the decor:



Now on to the food…

Jasmine: The Antoinette was delectable- creamy milk chocolate smoothly combined with a crunchy centre.


Andrew: The cherry-like ‘button’ on top of the cake is actually jam, which added a very nice sweet-sourish tinge to the rich chocolately flavour of the cake. This cake was nearly perfect!


Andrew: I can’t remember the name of the tea we had, but it had Caramel in the name somewhere. It had a wonderful rich aroma and was very calming on the nerves, which was good when we were at Antoinette, but not good when I was driving back later! I kept yawning on the drive back!

Jasmine: It was caramel creme tea, and it had a wonderfully soporific effect. I couldn’t stop sniffing the velvety smooth aroma of melted caramel!

The Blini (French pancake) was deeply satisfying. The salty butter melted right away into the fluffy pancakes, topped by by slices of chewy sausage.



Andrew: I really liked this very much. I actually thought the sausage was very good and went very well with the blini. After we finished our food, I still felt rather peckish so we went to order:



Andrew: Ever since my cousin and I had a discussion about macarons at a cousin’s solemnization dinner, I’ve been having an insatiable craving for macarons! We were just spoilt for choice here. We had the Britanny (caramel and sea salt flavour) and the Rose (self-explanatory). The Britanny was by far the big winner – the flavour had such depth to it with an interesting blend of milky, rich sweetness and the slight savouriness of the sea salt.

Jasmine: Yes, the Brittany really stood out with its generous dollop of luscious caramel in a rich shade of tawny golden. It was a great intertwining of sweet and salty. Another macaron that we’ve tried (at the Mandarin Gallery branch of Antoinette) is the namesake, Antoinette, which features a delicate combo of earl grey tea and milk chocolate.

Andrew: Of course, what was most meaningful about our time together at Antoinette was not the food nor the decor, but the quality time spent together and our meaningful conversation. We spent our time at Antoinette thinking about the journey that we had been through together as a couple and what we wanted to convey to our friends and family during our church ceremony.


As we thought about our wedding speeches, I just brought back so many wonderful memories and made me even more appreciative of all that Jasmine had done for me and how much joy and love she had brought (and will continue to bring) to my life!

This is indeed a big step ahead for us and we are both excitedly looking forward to 5th November 🙂


A photo strategically positioned to show off the engagement ring on this unexpectedly big day!

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