Our Invitations

Jasmine: My cousin Adeline “models” our flowergirl tutu and our hot-off-the-press invitation cards! There is a reason why she is so aptly designated our Head of Decor. Heh.

I was bent on drawing my own design (hydrangeas or lacework) until I realised how much work was involved in producing a high-resolution image fit for mass production. So we decided to tweak an existing template that the printing company had. The paper and ink colours were chosen by us- the ink was supposed to be aubergine but came out looking more like cappucino brown.

Andrew: Actually, the ink colours were chosen by Jasmine. The lady there gave us a whole set of more than over a thousand colours and their various shades to choose from! I didn’t know that there were more than 12 colours (of the rainbow. Heh). Anyway, we’ll just add a small comment here too that the purple tutu skirt that Adeline had (frightfully) put on her head had been sewed by one of my cousins-in-law.


Jasmine: We found the traditional style of invitation, with the picture of the couple on the front, tacky and dated. So we decided in favour of a cleaner look. This applied to the text as well, as we did away with the Chinese translation, and pared down the English wording as best as we could (picture above).


Jasmine: As you can see, the church invitation was designed to fit inside the Raffles Hotel dinner invitation.

But as the Raffles Hotel dinner was family only, most of our friends and students would have attended only the church wedding. We therefore faced the problem of finding inexpensive square envelopes for mass mailing.

Andrew found some cheap ones at Popular Toa Payoh selling for $2.20 for a pack of 10.

We jazzed them up, Jasmine-style, in purple to match the theme:


Jasmine: It didn’t cost us anything as I already owned these stamps, but if anyone’s interested, an ink pad is $2.90 and the “thank you” stamp in the picture above comes from a set of three that costs $2.90. Both from Papermarket!

And the finished products:

P1090652Time taken to decorate 30 envelopes: under  1 hr

Andrew: Yes, I was rather impressed with how Jasmine was able to transform those very plain envelopes into something so beautiful! I tried to help out, thinking that stamping couldn’t be that hard (or at least, that was the impression that Dearie gave me!). Who would have known that it was actually that hard? My stamps came out rather splotchy and indistinct (as evident from the pictures below) and I embarrassingly stamped some of them the wrong direction (ie. the type-writer turned out upside down when the envelope was right side-up).


Andrew: Jasmine had a rather fun time repairing my errors – too fun a time, actually. She pasted layers of ribbon all around the envelopes. (Jasmine: It’s called washi tape, dear…) Realising where my gifts weren’t best utilized, I decided to stop stamping and left Jasmine to do all the rest. Division of labour at its best! 🙂


9 responses to “Our Invitations

  1. Nice tutu 😉 btw, does it fit Kirsten nicely? Hope it does and hope she enjoys twirling around in it like Faith does 🙂

    • heheh thank you for making it eve! apparently, once kirsten put it on, she started dancing in it! and then her brother said HE wanted to try it on and dance too. so i think it’s safe to say she likes it 🙂

  2. “the purple tutu skirt that Adeline had (frightfully) put on her head”

    Sigh. Misunderstood genius. Why wear things the traditional way? Hell, even disgusting frat boys know how to put their boxers on their heads. Tip of the iceberg, my friend.

  3. Hello!

    Nice cards you’ve got there 🙂 It’s always fun to look at what other couples are doing when our wedding preparations run in parallel! Sometimes we see similarities and sometimes we don’t, but I guess that’s what makes every couple unique in their own ways!

    Jiayou in your preparatory work!


    • hey melvin! we received your and xuan’s card and it was pretty! btw i really like the personalised scotch tape with both your initials on it. hehe. all the best for your prep and see you soon!

  4. See you! 😉

  5. I see me invite! *so exciting*
    Cya soon! Can’t wait to tk lots of pics with the blissful couple ;D

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