Sneak Preview: Our Church Wedding Venue!


Jasmine:With just over a week left to our wedding, we thought we’d share with you a quick peek at our church and how we managed to book Holy Grace in just three days.

Shortly after Andrew proposed, we  emailed or/ and called close to 40 churches in two days in a bid to find our wedding and solemnisation venue. I called around 27 churches. Because of the short lead time, only three churches were available for the date we wanted, and two were Catholic. :S

Thankfully, Andrew found this church which was available and we went to do a site visit the next day!

Andrew: The most amazing thing about this church is that it’s the same church my cousin got married at at the start of this year. This meant we could get advice on them for the parking and various other logistical matters. We were really thankful to God that the church was still available at such short notice.

Jasmine: I’ve always dreamed of getting married in a beautiful, traditional cathedral, but this church is the opposite of that. It’s very modern so I’ve had to completely rethink the vintage, shabby chic decor I’ve envisioned.

The challenge here will be creating a sense of drama and atmosphere in what is otherwise a pleasant, if not particularly impressive sanctuary.

Nevertheless we are so grateful to God for blessing us with a church venue. Stay tuned for some crazy decor ideas 🙂 (Andrew: Crazy is about right!)

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