Making Our Guestbook: Jazzy’s Girls

Andrew: One thing we’re really grateful for in the midst of all this wedding preparation is all the help we’re getting! Seeing that scrapbooking is really not my cup of tea, I was really glad that Jasmine decided to get her cell girls to help out in the making of guest-cards for our guests to sign during the church wedding.

Jasmine: Yes, I knew I could count on my girls. I’ve seen them in action serving the village kids on our Batam mission trip last year, and knew I could rely on them. It also helped that quite a few of my girls happened to be the artsy sort, like Weilin, Megan (we took our first scrapbooking class together!) and Yunwen, so a craft project like this would be right up their alley.

Andrew: It was really a massive project that involved Dearie lugging a big bag of punches, scrapbooking paper, stamps, distress inks (I’m impressed I even remember that much!) all the way to church:


Jasmine: Good job recalling “distress inks” dear! Anyways, in lieu of the traditional guestbook, we decided to make individual gift tags that guests could sign on!

We didn’t spend a cent on any of the craft materials. Most of the papers came from Andrew’s Valentine’s Day gift to me (Webster’s Pages Country Estate paper kit) which I’d been saving for a special project, and I even borrowed some of the punches from Pastor Debra!


Jasmine: When I spread out all the pretty papers on the floor, there was a collective gasp of delight and Yunwen exclaimed, “I’m so honoured that you let us use these papers!”

The girls formed an assembly line of sorts: Nat and Yunwen were cutting, Weilin, Joyce and Hannah were using the border punches, Jenna and Megan were distress inking the cards, Gabrielle and Celine were stringing ribbons on the finished cards, and I was erm, supervising and offering encouragement. Heh.


The final product!


Andrew: Everyone still looks rather focused and hard working at this point, but the work on the cards lasted all the way until late! The floor still looks very clean at this point too, but in about an hour’s time, the floor was literally covered with little bits of ‘punched’ out colour paper. This was really hard work!

Jasmine: We had so many curious on-lookers stop and stare curiously at us. Even Pastor Lai Fun, who was passing by, asked us what we were doing!

I was very touched by my dedicated girls.

Andrew: We were really thankful to the girls for all their help. Hannah, Weilin, Joyce and Celine worked until almost 9pm on these cards and were even thoughtful enough to ask Jasmine and I to go in for service while they continued working on the cards. They ended up making about 194 cards that day. Thanks a lot girls!

Jasmine: And a note for invited guests- we’re doing away with traditional well wishes i.e. “all the best”, “congrats”, “zao3 shen1 gui4 zi3” and would like to request that you instead write down your favourite memory of us either as a couple or as individuals. It would mean so much to us. Thank you!

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