Our Custom Wedding Bands

Jasmine: Andrew and I decided to custom-make our wedding bands and we chose eClarity after reading good reviews about their customer service, professionalism and affordability.

Given that we have such different personalities, we didn’t really want matchy rings but opted instead for wedding bands that would complement our individual styles and yet still be versatile enough for everyday usage.

You remember our engagement ring, the Soleste cushion-cut from Tiffany & Co:


And these are our wedding bands plus engagement ring:


Jasmine: For myself, I chose a fairly classic style- the half-pave diamond eternity band. In laymen’s terms, that’s when half the ring is set with tiny diamonds. The practical benefit of going with a half-pave band is that you can resize it without losing any diamonds. I am planning to wear it stacked below my engagement ring, so the style benefit is that it complements my Tiffany ring, which is also a half-pave, without upstaging it.

Andrew: Wearing a ring is something which I’ve felt is rather functional for a married man and isn’t quite a fashion statement in any form – but looking at the whole range of rings on offer at e-Clarity really changed my opinion! As usual, I was overwhelmed by the amount of choices and variation offered, so I will let Jasmine will tell the rest of the story.

Jasmine: Interestingly enough, it was with Andrew’s wedding band that we decided to take some fashion risks. Andrew wanted something decidedly masculine, so we opted for a modern combination of black gold and matte gold, spiced up by the intersection of two triangles. (Amanda, the gemologist, explained that the touching of the two triangles was significant as it represented the connection between the couple.)

Verdict: I thought service was prompt and they delivered our custom rings in three weeks instead of the stated two months, but I’m not impressed with the quality of the diamonds. It’s not an issue of carat size but rather brilliance i.e. the bling factor. I felt that the micro diamonds on the eClarity ring were far less brilliant than microdiamonds on the Tiffany’s, although that’s probably an unfair comparison to make as both retailers belong to different pricing leagues.

But of course, I must be a very lucky girl because my engagement ring and our wedding bands got a photoshoot each! That’s two photoshoots 🙂

You may remember these "famous" engagement ring photos that made a splash on Facebook some three months ago. They were taken by Ee Ee on the spur of the moment- we improvised by using the red rose bouquet as a backdrop!

This time round, my auntie and uncle travelled all the way from Choa Chu Kang to Sengkang (just because they’ve both got a "kang" in it doesn’t mean they’re near) with their tripods, multiple backdrop cloths and a flash diffuser which Ee Ee told us Uncle William had bought "specially for your wedding".

Here are some of their shots:

Using wedding-related crafts as backdrop



Using their black velvet backdrop (one of several they brought with them that day!)


Using a Jane Austen book (which I have strategically positioned at the very potent line, "I am, dear Madam, your most obedient, humble servant". Andrew be warned.)


Jasmine: If you look carefully, you’ll see that the shadow of the ring is heart-shaped. This was the only of the three rings that was hefty and thick enough to "sit" up on its own. Heh.

Using a whole bunch of books



And using Jasmine’s father’s Concordance Bible:


Jasmine: Ee Ee even conscientiously asked me to flip the Bible open to my favourite verse for added significance, but that plan was quickly nixed after we realised we had to keep the Bible open somewhere in the centre of all the pages- hence, this is either Psalms, Proverbs or maybe Song of Songs. Heh.

Thanks Ee Ee and Uncle William for the tremendous effort and the great engagement and wedding band photographs!

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