Pre-Wedding Pictures

Jasmine: As today is the eve of our wedding, we have a special surprise for you- we would like to share with you some of our favourite pictures from our pre-wedding photoshoot! (Yes, this time, these are the ones that did make it into the album.)

Photo 1

Jasmine: I’d say about 85% of our shots were candid, and this was one of them. Taking our pre-wedding pictures at Botanic Gardens held special meaning for me, as this was where my parents took theirs, some 27 years ago.

Andrew: While Jasmine says that this shot was ‘candid’, it did require a lot of work from the photographers too. They had to throw up the veil and then run out of the shot while it was falling down so as to create that feel of the veil billowing in the wind. Oops – have I spoilt the magic of that picture? Heh. What I love about this picture is how prominent we are against the backdrop and how natural (as in our pose) looks.

Jasmine: “Throw up the veil”- great image evoked there 😛

Photo 2

Jasmine: Actually, this is Andrew’s favourite picture. While I like the aerial composition, I’m not so fond of my somewhat awkward posture. Andrew, interestingly enough, looks more relaxed than me! In order to achieve the high angle shot, our photographers “illegally” borrowed a bench and carried it all the way up the hill! You can also see all the props we put together for our photo shoot, ranging from pop-up books to cake stands to a bird cage.

Andrew: Yes, this is my favourite shot because of how casual and relaxed we look in it, both in terms of dressing and pose. I had much difficulty ‘posing’ during the process of the photo-shoot, but this was one shot where I felt I didn’t have to pose and could just be myself. It was a memorable shot indeed. Jasmine’s cocktail dress also really pops in this shot – in fact, you could say that it’s really the star of the show.

Photo 3

Jasmine: I love the composition of this shot and the post-processing really helped to enhance that dreamy, whimsical feel. Shot on location at one of our all-time favourite haunts, the National Museum, I liked how the photographer seems to have caught us off-guard having a “moment”.  When we first arrived, I was skeptical about the red balloon installation, but it seems to work beautifully here, providing a vibrant burst of colour in a museum that tends to look rather muted in photos (photos of other people’s wedding shoots that we unearthed during our research phase) due to the abundance of grey and white walls.

Andrew: I’ll be honest with you – this shot didn’t quite do it for me initially. I am more ‘conventional’ in my interest and prefer shots where you can actually see the couples’ face and expressions. My view was changed though when I saw the photo in our photobook and also on the montage. When rendered in clear definition and on a big screen, it is really quite a well-composed shot and you can see our expressions. Heh.

This is just a sneak preview! We really do love our wedding album very much as it really represents who we are 🙂 Looking forward to meeting everyone at the wedding this weekend!

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