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Redecorating on a budget

Jasmine: We are very thankful that we have been able to find a place to settle in temporarily at short notice. However, as it is not our own place, we did not want to repaint or redecorate massively, so we’ve had to be creative in putting personal touches on the space!

So here’s what we did:

Our living room




Jasmine: We hung up a painting that Andrew’s mother had made for us, and opted for neutral soft furnishings (a throw and some cushions) so that they wouldn’t compete with the painting for attention. The added benefit of selecting items in this colour scheme is that it will be easier to incorporate into our new home. The velvety throw (the thing covering our sofa, in laymen’s terms, heh), for example, would make a nice blanket for a guest sleeping over, or could be re-purposed as a bed runner.

Tip: a neutral colour scheme can come across quite boring, so liven it up by mixing different textures for added richness.

The tiny cushion is actually our wedding ring pillow, which we had customised with an embroidered C for Chong!

Andrew: My mum actually did up the painting above specially for the both of us and she was so pleased when put it up. Can you believe she’s only been painting for less than a year?

The sofa is much cosier now that we added the throw because of the lovely, soft texture and I now lie on it very often to watch TV or do my reading.  Such a simple decor item which makes such significant change to the living room! The throw and the cushions (with the exception of our ring pillow) were all bought from King & King Wong, our current favourite furniture place.

Our master bedroom

Jasmine: Once again, we chose not to change the paint or curtains, so we had to select bedroom furniture and linens that would match the existing decor but were still stylish and versatile enough to be re-used when we next move house.

I love modern French baroque, so we opted for all white furniture- the bed is from Ikea and the dressing table and bedside table were on sale at King & King Wong. The wrought iron chair belongs to my mum and has sentimental value, having been used by her for the past 18 years.

I’d originally planned to buy a plexiglass table for Andrew’s side of the bed, but my dear husband gave me feedback that he much preferred something with drawers so that he could stash his beloved watches and other personal items, and  I’m proud to announce that this bedside table was chosen by him!


Jasmine: I just need to source a suitable bedside lamp for Andrew and my life will be complete. Heh.

Andrew: Jasmine actually went down to King and King Wong a week earlier and took photos of several bedside tables which she felt would fit our deco and yet be suitably masculine. There were many nice ones. However, they were either too big, too tall or out of budget. We actually stumbled on this bedside table while we were shopping for sofa furnishings and it fit all our criteria. We decided within less than 15 minutes to get it!

Jasmine: My personal philosophy is that if I could only choose one piece of furniture for my house, I would buy a quality mattress and some excellent fitted sheets. My uncle helped us get this King Koil mattress with his staff discount (thank you Kow Fu!) and we indulged in these 600-threadcount sheets and duvet cover from Akemi.


And the finishing touch is Flatbear! He was meant to be a sofa cushion but was upgraded to  bedside pillow when we realised how well he matched our bedlinens.

We’ve also put our wedding decor to good use! Our photo frames, “here comes the bride” and “I’m not the bride” banner have all been redeployed, and we’ll hopefully retrieve our birdcages from my mum’s place at some point. (Andrew: Errm, where will the birdcages go?)

Thanks to my dear husband for being so flexible, easygoing and trusting me totally on all matters decor!

Andrew: And thanks to my wife for being ever so creative, innovative and resourceful in finding decor that suits both our needs! 🙂