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V-Day 2012

Andrew: This blog has been neglected for too long! Not because we have nothing to write, but because there’s been so much to write about that we have no idea where to start. We had ambitious plans to write lengthy entries on food recommendations in the US, but just never got round to it! Figured that V-day gives us the perfect opportunity to resurrect our blog again 🙂

This V-day was different from other V-days because we not only got to spend dinner together, but lunch as well! Moving to HQ has given us the same lunch hours and of course, we are also nearer to each other. Having lunch and dinner together does make it seem like we spent the whole V-day together 🙂

Lunch: Hosted at the Patio (911B Alexandra Road)

Andrew: We were initially intending to just go to Anchorpoint to have a simple meal and some quality time together, but a quick search on Hungrygowhere showed up this highly rated restaurant just 5 minutes drive from Dearie’s workplace!

Because we made a reservation, we got these special seats at a nice, quiet nook of the restaurant:


Andrew: I loved the decor of this place – light, spacious and relaxed. It has a very nice, lush backyard feel to it.

Jasmine: Yes, my dear husband has become really good at picking out restaurants that I will like. I liked the decor of our lunch venue and the food philosophy behind our dinner venue!


Birdcage lights – Reminded me of our wedding 

Jasmine: Yes, we’ll write more about the decor later. The open concept, apple-green hue and nature-themed accents, like the branch mural, and the birdcage lamps (idea for recycling our wedding birdcage props??), really made this a lovely spot for a working lunch or casual date.


Enjoying a quiet moment together

Our food:

Smoked duck linguine

Andrew: The smoked duck linguine came highly recommended. It was pretty good – relatively generous portions with a good mix of textures. The smoked duck was nice and succulent and the asparagus was crisp and fresh. However, I felt that the sauce was a little too strong, which made the whole dish only have ‘one’ taste where as it could have benefitted from allowing the tastes of the duck and asparagus to stand out more.


Penna Vodka – Penne served with vodka flamed rose sauce topped with Parmesan shavings

Andrew: This was okay – it just tasted like regular penne with a more rich, tomato base.  

Jasmine: Yes, I ordered this out of sheer curiosity about the vodka flamed rose sauce. Unfortch I tasted neither vodka nor rose, only sauce. The sauce was sufficiently creamy but nothing to write home about.


Green tea creme brulee with almond biscotti


Andrew: The creme brulee came with a nice assembly of summer fruits at the side. This was for me the stand out dish from Hosted. I usually hate anything that has green tea, but this was wonderfully balanced and smooth. Thumbs up!

Jasmine: I prefer creme brulees that have a lighter, ‘whipped’ texture, whereas the consistency of this one resembled custard more than souffle. The green tea infusion was a refreshing take on the traditional creme brulee though.


Our first ever V-day lunch together!

Oh – and as we are currently into a ‘planning for our new home’ season, we are always on the lookout for design inspiration! The white colour scheme is something we’re quite keen on having – these chairs below (leaf-themed) were also rather cool:


There were even these leaves imprinted into the pavement outside of the restaurant:


A lovely sofa for drinks in the evenings:

It was wonderful just spending some quality time with Dearie. Escaping from work to do something we love – exploring restaurants – and chatting about what we like, it really didn’t feel like a workday at all. 🙂

Dinner: Bistro Soori @ 2 Teck Lim Road

Andrew: For dinner, we headed to Bistro Soori – completely different feel and type of cuisine (contemporary modern cuisine) from Hosted at the Patio. We didn’t take any pictures of the decor, but I quite liked the marble table-top. You can see it at the picture here.


Many other couples must have heard of this place too as the only clientele for that night was couples celebrating V-day – and the most interesting thing – was that every couple was seated in the same way – the woman inside on the cushioned seat and the man outside. 


Andrew: We quite liked the bread and asked for second servings, but they took a long time to get us a second serving and said that the chef had been informed. Minus points for service!  You mean, they only prepared enough just for 2 slices per table? 

Jasmine: The other point deduction was for not having our reservation. Apparently the concierge did not see Andrew’s email reply confirming our reservation, and therefore did not prepare a place for us initially. Tsk!


Happy V-day (again) Dearie!



Slow Roasted Pork Belly, Pumpkin, Frisse, Pumpkin Seed,
Yuzu Gastrique

Andrew: What makes the food in Bistro Soori stand out is its combination of ingredients from all around the world to subtly alter the flavours, but not be too over-the-top fusion. This can almost compete with Jaan’s pork belly, though I thought Jaan’s was more delicately prepared. The sourness of the yuzu sauce did enhance the saltiness of the pork belly well, but I wasn’t quite sure how the other ingredients worked to enhance the pork belly’s flavour. The belly was well-prepared though with nice, juicy texture.

Jasmine: There was yuzu ah?? As I’ve mentioned before, pork belly is often underrated in the cuisine world, with many regarding it as a poor man’s alternative to its richer cousins like beef cheek. The slow roast method really sealed in the juices well but Jaan’s pork belly is still far superior, in my opinion, with its perfect layers of fatty, tender meat, topped off with a cracklingly crispy skin.                                                                                                       IMG_2176

Rack of Lamb, Plum Tomato, Black Olive, Green Olive,
White Anchovy

Andrew: The rack of lamb was fantastic – succulent and robust flavours. The plum tomatoes were great – and I usually hate tomatoes – very fresh and juicy. Perhaps its a bit of the eccentric style of this place – the anchovy, I thought, was rather out of place. Another minor complaint is that the serving was too small. I chowed down my rack of lamb in no time. Plus points for using cool serving plates that really bring up the colours of the food!

Jasmine: Yes, would the restaurant sell us a few for personal use…


Umi, scallop, prawn, risotto, yuzu, thai basil 

Andrew: The risotto was well-prepared and the seafood was so fresh. What more could you ask for!

Jasmine: The risotto was buttery but it was the scallops that were standouts, in my opinion- succulent and mildly sweet. In fact, I had read many, many rave reviews about the scallops (although in different combinations, like with pistachio pesto, or in vinegar gelee), and therefore picked the mains that featured scallops.



Pandan Souffle with Strawberry compote

Andrew: Once again, the desserts stole the show! This was so well done. Light and airy texture, with the familiar, Asian flavour of Pandan. Visually stunning too!

Jasmine: Another dish that had gotten great feedback from patrons. I’m not one for heavy desserts so this unusual pandan souffle hit the nail on the head for taste and originality.

Andrew: Of course, what’s V-day without the V-day gifts! 🙂

V-day Gifts

For her: Shopping Spree at Kikki.K


IMG_2190Andrew: Dearie needed some new stationery for her new workplace and she’s always going into kikki.k when we walk past, so I decided to give her a stationery shopping spree there.

Jasmine: I really needed an organiser to store all my bits and bobs, and I liked that the Kikki.K one had a cool graphic lining. I’m a sucker for design details like that. Thank you dear!

And of course, what’s a V-day celebration without flowers 🙂 Admittedly though, these flowers came in almost a week late.

Jasmine: That’s okay, I’m blessed to even have flowers! I even got to pick out the colour too- fuchsia roses, which lasted nearly a week.

For him: Chambray shirt from River Island


Jasmine: Our V-day tradition is that our gifts should not exceed $100 each. We came in well under budget this year (maybe to offset the fact that we had two celebratory meals instead of one?). Andrew tried on a couple items at River Island, and although it wasn’t love at first sight for Andrew, I thought this shirt fit very well. Plus, I liked the material- a refined, pale denim that would be just right for dress-down Fridays.

And Andrew did indeed wear it to work last Friday:


Andrew: Thanks Dear for a great V-day and a wonderful 3 months of married life. I’m so blessed to have such a great wife! 🙂