Strictly Pancakes

Andrew: On the recommendation of a friend (thanks Ken!), we decided to go to Strictly Pancakes for dinner. It was also partly cos Dearie wanted to bring me to Park Mall (again) to show me a chandelier she had seen. Park Mall has now become our usual haunt for furniture window shopping, which has recently become less ‘window’ and more ‘shopping’.

Jasmine: Yes, our first purchase –a set of rotating drawers made in Italy– just reached Park Mall yesterday, so looks like we’ll have to make another trip down to collect it soon 🙂

Andrew: Oh boy… Anyway, with each pancake dish you order, you get a choice of butter and this comes with the usual maple syrup:


Andrew: Dearie had rum and raisin butter (in the background) and I had herb and garlic butter. The rum and raisin butter was far superior.

Jasmine: My first pick would’ve been the herb and garlic butter, but Andrew ordered it so I switched. I appreciated the thoughtfulness in offering a choice of butters, as it’s something very simple and usually taken for granted, so the creativity that went into remaking this humble “staple” was good. The butter certainly had a light aftertaste of rum and the raisins were large, chewy and lent a sweetness to the pancakes which worked perfectly with the maple syrup!

Andrew: For our mains we had:



Garlic butter prawn pancakes

Jasmine: Although the restaurant had very mixed reviews, the one thing that diners agreed on was the garlic butter prawns. Being someone who likes contrasting textures and opposing tastes, I enjoyed the sweetness of maple syrup and rum and raisin butter with the bite and saltiness of the prawns (which were surprisingly fresh and juicy too!). The generous amount of garlic butter sauce drenched the fluffy pancakes. Overall a great, if unexpected, combination.




Chicken a la king

Andrew: The chicken was alright, but what I really loved was combining the cream sauce and the maple syrup – the flavours worked so well together! I wanted to eat only 2 pancakes to save my stomach for dessert, but I ended up being tempted and ate another half pancake because the ‘combined’ sauce was soo good! Sad to say, the chicken and asparagus seemed more like side-dishes to the pancakes. 

And for dessert, we had:


Tiramisu Pancake

Andrew: This looks crazy, isn’t it! It was a mix of chocolate shavings, cocoa, vanilla ice-cream and mascarpone cheese on a stack of chocolate pancakes. It’s so decadent and actually, quite a brilliant combination. However, the pancakes themselves weren’t tasty (although they were brown, they didn’t have much chocolate taste at all!). This was more for the novelty factor, but I wouldn’t try it again.

Jasmine: I had a bite of this and I thought it was quite decent- not too sweet, and the hot pancakes and cold ice-cream were  distinctly different in taste from the savoury offerings we sampled earlier. It’s already giving me ideas for pancake feasts I can whip up at home, teehee!

Andrew: When we left, we saw that the whole place was full – even the seats outside. Quite thankful we got there early and managed to get a seat without reservations. We’ll definitely visit this place again and I will get myself one of those garlic butter prawn pancakes (with much more maple syrup!) the next time.

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