Crazy Furniture for Our Home

Jasmine: Andrew and I have been slowly getting bits and pieces for our new home. Our current theme is Modern Fairytale, so we have been on the lookout for whimsical pieces that have “wow factor” and yet will stand the test of time.

Andrew: In addition to being whimsical and ‘signature’, the key attraction for me is functionality and not just whimsical – I’m quite keen on pieces of furniture that are versatile in use and can play a wide range of functions.

Item 1: Vanity stool

Jasmine: I wanted a stool to go with my white dressing table, and this fit the bill (in terms of similar aesthetic, color palette and also cost, as this was a display piece that my sis helped me to bargain down).


Jasmine: Open up the stool for more storage!


Andrew: This chair is definitely not one I would use, but I must say it scores points for functionality. Anything that increases storage space is definitely a plus. There was another piece which I kept eyeing at Whitewoods with similar storage space, but it was circular and made of wood (similar to the rotating drawers below) , had a back-rest and there was a white cushion that served as a lid instead. It was obviously a more manly piece of furniture, but we didn’t buy it because it was 1) too big, 2) didn’t fit with our colour scheme, 3) we couldn’t think of a suitable place to put it (it was too big for our corridor)… and of course, it was 4) too expensive.

Item 2: Chandelier

Jasmine: Another favourite is this minimalist black chandelier from Whitewoods:


Jasmine: I really like the design philosophy behind Whitewoods- quality Italian furniture that has multiple purposes. The salesman, Alfred, was excellent- never pushy, yet sharing freely with us that the chandelier could be hung this way up, upside-down or if daring, slanted at an angle. I thought this would be too out-there for Andrew, but he was game… as long as it came from my own pocket 😦

Andrew: Well – we agreed that we will both choose one special piece of furniture in the house that would be our ‘gift’ to the house – this was yours, Dear. (Jasmine: Wey, I thought the sculpture was your gift to me.) I find this piece to be interesting as a very ‘spartan’ chandelier with that sense that all the wires seemed to be exposed. To a certain extent, it even looked like a candelabra suspended in the air, which I guess contributes a little too the ‘fairy tale’ feel (?). (I admit, sometimes I get so lost in Jasmine’s continual reinterpretations of what modern fairy tale means.)  Nonetheless, I thought the price was a bit too much – so thanks Dear. Heh.

Item 3: Rotating drawers

Jasmine: Andrew and I both liked this set of rotating drawers made in Italy in birch veneer from Whitewood (hedgehog not included).


Jasmine: It reminds us of this picture below…


Jasmine:… So we refer to it as our “dim sum basket”. Heh. (Andrew: Alfred, the store guy, referred to the drawers as our ‘siew mai’ basket.)

Like the chandelier, this set of drawers is very versatile. It can be displayed in a variety of ways, for instance, a) straight up, b) alternating and c) in a spiral.




In a spiral

Jasmine: We imagine that this will go into our study for now to store stationery and files. On occasion, we might move it into the dining room to hold cutlery and drinks for a dinner party, but eventually we’ll probably move it into a nursery… Hee. That may not be so soon though.

Andrew: Yup, this piece was impressive in terms of its functionality. It’s light enough to move it around the house to suit different uses and there is just so much potential for creativity with it. Alfred shared with us how this piece was very unique as you rarely see wood bent into such a steady curvature. 

We’ve made many references to Alfred at Whitewoods thus far – his service is really excellent. If you’re looking for someone who is really passionate and excited about his product, Alfred is the one. He’s just so genuine, friendly and so effusive about his furniture. Do visit Whitewoods at Park Mall Level 2.

Jasmine: We went in many times before committing to buying these two pieces! We finally took the plunge on the drawers after the discount increased from 10% to 30% for the Great Singapore Sale. Tell Alfred we sent you, and do ask him to light up the origami reindeer lamp when you’re there! 🙂


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