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Fatherhood 101

Jasmine&Andrew (16)

Well, most would claim that Fatherhood 101 happens when your baby arrives, but I’ve been doing a little reading up on the web to get some understanding of what being a good dad entails.

Out of all the sites I’ve read, here are a few of the more insightful and thought-provoking ones:

  1. 10 Ways to be a Great Dad (from
    My favourite tips –
    #2 Try to live your pre-child life as soon as possible,
    #4 Get up with Mom for late-night feedings
    #8 Advice on raising children is everywhere, and it’s all contradictory, so be very careful which guide you follow.
    Tip no. 8 is really the best one out there. If something feels wrong in your gut, it’s probably wrong for your kid. After reading everything, ultimately trust that little small voice in your head to guide you in deciding what’s best to do.
  2. Max Lucado on What Makes a Good Dad? 
    Strongly recommended! – very well-written and inspiring, not just instructional. I like this article a lot because of the anecdotes both personal and from Biblical stories. Max Lucado is a really good story-teller.
  3. 5 Godly Ways to be a good Dad
    Succinct and easy to remember points – ‘delight before discipline’ just stuck in my head ever since I read it.
  4. Fathers & Sons: How to Be a Great Dad (from
    I really liked the tip here about helping your kid to understand the man ‘cave’ and teaching your son how to do.

Our Maternity Shoot

Andrew: After weeks of brainstorming and searching online for a photographer who could offer the shoot at a reasonable price, our maternity shoot finally happened!

IMG (89)

Andrew: Many of the maternity shoots in studios were way too expensive, offering only a pathetic number of shots  back – like 5 shots out of the whole 2 hour shoot and we have to pay almost the same price as the shoot itself to get back all our shots (seriously, I never knew the photography business was so lucrative). Anyway, after much searching by my resourceful Dearie, we finally managed to find a photographer whose style we (and by ‘we’, I mean Dearie) liked at a very, very affordable price with also the versatility of two locations and also, we could get back all our shots at no additional charge. It’s really amazing how we managed to stumble on such a good deal.

Jasmine: Yes, Andrew mistakenly assumes that all my bright ideas involve spending tons of money. Rar! However, with a little resourcefulness and a lot of Googling, we were quite blessed to stumble upon this photographer who was able to offer us an introductory rate as this was her first maternity shoot- a win-win situation as it was a portfolio-building opportunity for her too. In this entry, we’ll share some of our favourite photos from the shoot, including several outtakes that we haven’t posted in our Facebook album.

Location 1: Our Home

Andrew: We really wanted to showcase our home in this photoshoot as well, since we had just newly moved in. We had joked about having a ‘new home’ photoshoot before (well, at least I was joking, but I think Jasmine was half serious), so this was the perfect occasion for that! The photographers took many cute pictures of our home too, which will be featured in another album/post soon.

We wanted to showcase a few pieces of our unique furniture…

Jasmine&Andrew (1)

(A common occurrence: casual dining, or in this case, having iced Milo, at our custom-made bar counter festooned with hat lamps)

Andrew: What was cool here was that we also got to showcase our New York Times mugs, which we bought during our honeymoon last year!

Jasmine: The idea for the first part of our shoot was that it would capture us in our natural habitat. And of course, give us opportunities for costume changes 🙂

Andrew: Dearie had this idea of capturing us doing everyday things like laundry, which would also conveniently showcase the various adorable pieces of clothes we and our family members had bought for BabyD: 

IMG (27) (Andrew: If only Jasmine looked this happy every time I asked her to help with the laundry…)

Jasmine&Andrew (4)

Two of our favourite pieces – Andrew is holding a ladybug romper from a Saturday market in Salamanca, Tasmania, and Jasmine is holding a romper from Seed Maternity which we bought in transit at Sydney Airport. Because one must know how to spend one’s time well, of course.

Andrew: Our French doors (designed by us, by which I mean Jazzy), leading into our dining room cum library:

IMG (44)

(On Andrew: shirt from surfer shop in Tasmania and Levi’s jeans; on Jasmine: owl dress and belt from Spring Maternity and fleurette hairclip from Saturday market in Tasmania)IMG (49)

Andrew: A Book with a Hole, by Herve Tullet – we thought this page worked the best. There were others where the ‘hole’ was part of a monster’s mouth, which definitely wouldn’t connote well.

Andrew: Tender moments with Dearie and BabyD… 

IMG (30) 

Andrew: We love talking to BabyD and we sense he loves it too because he starts moving a lot in the womb when we talk to him.

Jasmine: Especially Andrew. We think Baby D recognises his daddy’s voice already because he kicks fast and furiously whenever Andrew talks to him.

IMG (38)

Andrew: Sometimes, it brings me so much joy just rubbing Dearie’s tummy, knowing that our dearest Baby is in there.

Jasmine&Andrew (9)

Andrew: They say babies can recognise voices from the womb and it’s true. If only BabyD knew how much joy he has already brought to us.

Jasmine: This is one of my favourite shots because it comes across as so genuine- we’re both laughing and Andrew looks especially happy patting my belly.

Jasmine&Andrew (16)

(On Andrew: Stray polka dot shirt from Tasmania and Levi’s jeans; on Jasmine: lace dress from Riche Glamour and hair accessory a gift from Andrew when we were still dating)

Andrew: We’ve started reading to BabyD already, but not books yet – just the Bible.

And of course, a maternity shoot wouldn’t be complete without shots of the beautiful, radiant Mummy!

           Jasmine&Andrew (8)      IMG (25)

IMG (58)

IMG (66)

IMG (71)

Jasmine: With the exception of the first shot, these shots were taken in our bedroom- we wanted a soft and dreamy feel to these pictures.

Location 2: Botanic Gardens

Jasmine: After spending an hour at our place, we made our way down to the Children’s Garden, but were refused entry because it is meant for adults with children only.  Not even the unborn child in my womb could convince those staff otherwise. Hmph. (Andrew: We actually did our homework and tried to call up the Gardens a few times to check, but nobody answered our calls and this information was not even on the website. The staff there had the cheek to say “if you couldn’t get us through phone, why didn’t you email us” Big minus for this gardens.) So we had no choice but to drive down to the nearby Botanic Gardens, which was quite meaningful since we (and my parents) had taken our wedding photos there.

However, to ensure that our maternity shoot pictures didn’t end up looking like Wedding Shoot Part Deux, we went to a different part of the gardens, and also requested our photographers to take more pictures against wood and trees, rather than greenery.

I am partial to these frangipani trees:

IMG (33) 
(On Andrew: outfit from Rossi; on Jasmine: dress from Seraphina Luxe, rented, peacock hairband from Camden, London)

IMG (50)IMG (52) 

Jasmine: The added convenience of setting our shots against trunks and branches was that we could “hang” our baby clothes on random branches- see if you can spot a little boy’s shirt flying in the wind.

IMG (145)

(Andrew: I actually don’t quite like the shot above, because it looks like I am perched rather uncomfortably on that branch – like half standing, half sitting.)

IMG (155) IMG (46)

Jasmine&Andrew (35)

Jasmine&Andrew (33)

Jasmine: We also had some shots by the bandstand, and the timing was just nice because the golden evening light was beautiful.

IMG (140)

(Andrew: I love this shot! Dearie looks really pretty in it and the baby bump is so nice! It’s almost perfect.) 

Jasmine&Andrew (22) IMG (136) 
 Jasmine&Andrew (25)Jasmine&Andrew (28)

IMG (40)

Jasmine: Thanks Dear for being so game for the maternity shoot and letting me pick out all your clothes!

Jasmine&Andrew (31)
Andrew: So thankful that everything turned out so perfect for this photo-shoot. The weather was perfect – as we all know, the rain has been a daily visitor over the past few days, so it was a blessing that there was no rain at all that day. The timing worked out perfectly, even though we had to make a detour from the Children’s Garden. Dearie was in good health too that day  and looked really beautiful. The photoshoot was fun too with a few people at Botanical Gardens that day wishing us well too. What a great way to remember our first pregnancy!

IMG (157)See you soon, Baby Dylan!

Thank you very much, Ashley and Alvin from Likes of Love for a wonderful photo-shoot!