Fatherhood 101

Jasmine&Andrew (16)

Well, most would claim that Fatherhood 101 happens when your baby arrives, but I’ve been doing a little reading up on the web to get some understanding of what being a good dad entails.

Out of all the sites I’ve read, here are a few of the more insightful and thought-provoking ones:

  1. 10 Ways to be a Great Dad (from parents.com)
    My favourite tips –
    #2 Try to live your pre-child life as soon as possible,
    #4 Get up with Mom for late-night feedings
    #8 Advice on raising children is everywhere, and it’s all contradictory, so be very careful which guide you follow.
    Tip no. 8 is really the best one out there. If something feels wrong in your gut, it’s probably wrong for your kid. After reading everything, ultimately trust that little small voice in your head to guide you in deciding what’s best to do.
  2. Max Lucado on What Makes a Good Dad? 
    Strongly recommended! – very well-written and inspiring, not just instructional. I like this article a lot because of the anecdotes both personal and from Biblical stories. Max Lucado is a really good story-teller.
  3. 5 Godly Ways to be a good Dad
    Succinct and easy to remember points – ‘delight before discipline’ just stuck in my head ever since I read it.
  4. Fathers & Sons: How to Be a Great Dad (from psychologytoday.com)
    I really liked the tip here about helping your kid to understand the man ‘cave’ and teaching your son how to do.

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