Savour 2014

Andrew: Felt a little dissatisfied mentioning Savour in just a short paragraph in the baby-dining post, so I thought we’d dedicate a post to what we did manage to try there. We were there for a much shorter time than in 2012, but nonetheless, it was still a fun experience.

I must say going in the evening is definitely much more pleasant than going for lunch, though the price is significantly higher too. The location this year was much better too, at Marina Bay Promontory – much more breezy and the area was smaller, making it easier to walk round, buy food and come back to your table. As we only had about 1+hrs, we focused mainly on trying the international chefs.

Christopher Paucod (1 Michelin Star Chef for Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais in Japan)


Tatin de Boudin Noir aux pommes
House made blood pork sausage with apples, Tatin’s tart style

Andrew: Bought these 3 dishes as part of a set – as you’d get the third free if you buy two. This blood sausage was the one we were initially very dubious about, but ended up being the best of the three. Rich and robust flavour of the blood sausage was nicely balanced by the sweetness of the apples and the sauce. Loved it so much!


Eclair d’escargots, fondue de tomate, beurre ail & persil: Snails “Eclair Style” served with tomato, persil & garlic

Andrew: I was actually drawn to the store by this dish, but as it turned out, it wasn’t that great taste-wise. Somehow the eclair pastry muted the flavours of the escargot and I similarly thought the sauce mix was too overpowering.

Jasmine: The eclair texture was just right, but that’s about all I can say. Pleasant but otherwise forgettable.image

Cervelle des canuts et sa baguette de campagne
Whipped fresh cheese with chives, garlic & parsley served with fresh baguette

Andrew: This was nice! And of course we were glad that there was bread for Dylan (which you see him chewing on in the earlier post). The dip went well with the texture of the baguette and chives, garlic & parsley are always a sure-win strategy for me.

Jasmine: This was my favourite of the three, although the blood sausage was surprisingly good. The chilled cheese with fresh herbs was perfect for a summery day.

MICHAEL CAINES (Gidleigh Park, UK, 2 Michelin Stars)


Braised Beef Cheek: Potato and horseradish potato puree, shallots confit, roasted shallot and red wine sauce

Andrew: Beef was tender and the puree was smooth and tasty. A dish well-prepared, but not outstanding. 

EZIO GRITTI (I’Osteria via Solata, Italy, 1 Michelin Star) and MARK BEST (Marque, Australia)


White Chocolate Mousse with Watermelon and Ginger Sauce (front) & Sauternes Custard

Andrew: The white choc mousse was amazing – both texture and taste-wise. Such unique flavours and the mousse just melted in your mouth!

Jasmine: Yes, although the service staff told us that their signature was the Sauternes custard, I far preferred the white chocolate mousse. It was perfectly whipped and airy, and the sweetness of the watermelon (almost like a light jam) was counterpointed nicely by the sprinkling of ginger flavour. Couldn’t get enough of it!

Andrew: Couldn’t appreciate the Sauternes custard though – perhaps it’s just my lack of appreciation for alcoholic desserts, but it tasted to me like cough medicine – and Dearie concurred after I told her that.  Apparently in the original restaurant in Marquee, the Sauternes custard is served in an egg shell (not sure how that would affect the taste) and it’s supposed to be a sophisticated ‘series of tastes’ – from bitter flavour initially, to alcoholic taste and then the intense sweetness. Didn’t quite work for me!

All in all, it was still a fantastic experience and a genius idea. I would definitely come back again next year if we can and make sure we do some research before and spend more time queuing up for the various dishes.


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