Jasmine’s Birthday Staycation!

Andrew: Given that it was Jasmine’s first birthday celebration as a mum, I wanted to make it truly special for her, so I planned a weekend of pampering and romance for her.

They say once you become parents, ‘romance’ becomes the last thing on your mind as your focus is now on your child, tending to him, ensuring he/she is well-taken care of and you start seeing each other as mother/father instead of husband/wife. It is true that it has been more challenging to find ‘date’ time, hence special occasions become times where we do something special for each other.

We stayed at Park-Royal on Pickering, supposedly one of the most eco-friendly and modern hotels – we’ll talk more about that at the end of the post. Booked her a pampering massage and little did she know that while she was having her massage, I went in search for roses to create a nice surprise for her in the room. Unfortunately I didn’t know where cheap ones could be found nearby so I ended up going all the way back home to the florist near our place to get these roses! It was my first time doing this and I’m glad it turned out well:


Jasmine: After a lovely massage where I fell asleep, it was wonderful coming back and being totally blown away. Andrew has done many sweet things for me when we were dating, but never anything this romantic. For the old-fashioned girl in me, it was bliss. Thank you dearie.

The birthday girl with her birthday surprise:


Jasmine: I also selected this unusual bouquet in a basket with red calla lilies from good ol’ Far East Flora:


Andrew: After that, we made our way to Sky on 57 by Michelin Star chef, Justin Quek. Ambience and food were great!

Jasmine: What I like about Sky on 57 is that it combines Singaporean flavours with a European refinement. If you are looking for strong, robust tastes, you won’t find them here; rather, what you can expect are subtle hints of popular flavours, such as the laksa emulsion for the codfish.

IMG_5020 IMG_5022

IMG_5023 IMG_5033 

 IMG_5035 IMG_5038


Andrew: We were enjoying the quality time and food, so didn’t really get to take down the names of the dishes, but the best dish was his signature Foie Gras xiao long bao (with consomme of black truffle, braised and minced pork). It was great, just having time to talk and get to know each other again.

Happy Birthday Dearie!


 IMG_5048 IMG_5052

Andrew: The macarons were also pretty good – gula melaka (if I’m not wrong), and we ordered a few to bring back.

Jasmine: These pandon macarons with gula java filling delivered the intense hit of sugar and taste that complemented the subtle meal perfectly.


Night View on top of MBS

Andrew: Went around taking some pictures of the hotel to walk off our dinner:





Andrew: The rose petals were repurposed into a petals-bath for Dearie (Jasmine: clever!)


And we had in-room dining for lunch (Caesar Salad + Nasi Goreng) the next day :

IMG_5091Andrew: The most important part of this celebration was not the luxury, the food, the hotel or the pampering, but just time to reconnect as a couple and create wonderful memories together. 

Jasmine: Oh yeah, did I mention that because it was my birthday, we got upgraded to a suite? Check it out: 

By day



By night


Our sitting room:

IMG_4973  IMG_4986

Jasmine: Some detail shots. I liked the hotel’s commitment to eco-friendliness. The fridge was lined with metal to insulate the cold, rather than blow cold air in like conventional fridges. Rather than offer mineral water in plastic bottles, the drinking water in the glass bottles were purified by the hotel. I took quite a fancy to those glass bottles and was rather tempted to bring one home… but honesty prevailed at the end of the day. Heh.

IMG_4983 IMG_4978IMG_4975 IMG_5095 
Jasmine: The toilet with the double sink- another luxury I’d love to have in a future home.


Jasmine: To reduce the carbon footprint, Parkroyal on Pickering also does vertical gardening. I went on a LJ to URA and found out that URA mandates that all new properties have “green areas” equivalent to the size of the building’s foundation. So I guess the plant-lined terraces that give the hotel its distinctive geometric look are there to fulfil the green quota. Smart, since they’ve turned it into an architectural highlight.


Not the best picture but gives you an idea of what I was trying to say about the hotel incorporating vertical gardens in the architecture.



Jasmine: pavilions by the pools. And yes, that’s the floral bouquet being “worn” as a bag!




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