Our Stokke Scoot Stroller

Jasmine: We have been fans of babywearing from day one, and have used our Sakura bloom ring sling and Ergo baby carrier for the past year since Dilly was born [read more about it here]. However, with a growing tummy making babywearing harder and the impending arrival of a second little one, we have had to buy a stroller.

Andrew: Yes, we resisted buying a stroller for ages, just because of the hassle of dragging something so bulky with us around. In fact, even right now with the stroller, I sometimes do appreciate the ease of just bringing a carrier out – so lightweight and compact – and the closeness to the child is incomparable. We even considered buying a double stroller, but realised we couldn’t –  because it just wouldn’t fit into our boot.

Jasmine: We of course trialled many strollers and heard from parents that it might take awhile for an older baby used to being carried to adjust to sitting in a stroller. And indeed, Dilly seemed to cry whenever we put him in a stroller, from the free Combi stroller rentals at Nex, to the ones that relatives lent us during parties as a makeshift baby seat, to the expensive second-hand Stokke Explory that we almost acquired from another mummy!

Until… I came across some good reviews for the Stokke Scoot Stroller:


These were my criteria for a good stroller:

  • Have a variety of seating positions, forward and parent-facing
  • High as possible, to allow the child to see more
  • Easily navigable
  • And call me superficial, but most importantly, STYLISH

The Stokke Scoot Stroller ticked off all the above boxes- and more!

I love the European styling of the hood, which can be unzipped to reveal a mesh layer for added ventilation. The material is denim, which is urban, good-looking yet durable.

It is a heavy stroller, but can be pushed with one finger even by my mum or sis. It also maneouvres well on all kinds of urban terrain, from roads, escalators, dismounting curbs and going over road humps. (Andrew: Navigates the crazy crowds at many heartland malls on the weekends very well too!) The super large wheels and suspension make it a very comfortable ride for Dylan, unlike some of the smaller prams or rickety umbrella strollers we’ve seen, where the baby is just jerking along to every bump.

Result: we love bringing baby out in it! We’ve also gotten many admiring looks- one expectant mummy even came up to enquire about it! (Andrew: Well, actually the mum just kept looking, Jasmine was so eager that she asked the mum if she was planning to buy a stroller and then went on for the next 5-10 minutes promoting our stroller.) Jasmine: Not entirely true hor! I told her that a baby carrier was the best option for the first year of life and she should bring her baby to test out strollers and see which he/ she liked before committing to a purchase.



Stills from the new movie, The Babysitter?

The pictures above show Dylan in the “active” position. We thought we might need to buy stroller toys to keep him occupied, but so far, he loves smiling and pointing at the buses and people going past, so keeping him happy and seated hasn’t been an issue.

The pictures below show Dylan in the “rest” position, or the full recline.


Making eyes at Dilly

What I like is that even when fully reclined, it doesn’t take up too much horizontal real estate. Look how slim it still looks from the front!

It is a pretty compact stroller (which is a lifesaver for those of us who live in HDB flats) and takes up vertical real estate instead.


Here is Dilly all happy lying down (doesn’t happen too often unless he is really sleepy, like after a playdate). When he grows taller, the footrest can also be adjusted to match his height.


Andrew: One big plus of the stroller is that it functions as a good sleep area for Dylan and he has fallen asleep quite a few times in it, after drinking his milk. With the carrier, it was a little stressful at times when he fell asleep as you had to be moving in order for him to sleep, and it felt as if every small movement you made would wake him up, but with the stroller, you don’t have to worry as much and when he stirs, just rocking the stroller back and forth would put him back to sleep.

The amount of space when fully reclined has also made it useful as a mini-play area for Dillie. Our church hall has become more crowded lately, hence we haven’t been able to pull out our playmat for him to crawl around. However, with the stroller, all we need to do is to extend the space downwards and you have a mini-play area for him, kind of like a little ‘cave’, which he can play with his toys in. Unfortunately we do need to watch over him a bit more as he tends to want to climb out of it.

Jasmine: The stroller can also be outward-facing, but so far we haven’t tried that, as we love looking and interacting with Dilly and he seems pretty content with this position where he can see both us and the world.

The Stokke Scoot also comes with detachable mosquito cover and rain cover, offering full body protection. What we do is to leave both in the roomy undercarriage. We haven’t had need of the mosquito cover but we’ve used the rain cover a couple of times:


How NOT to attach the rain cover

Attach the rain cover like you would a shower cap- simply pull the canopy down and pop the rain cover over. You can button it to the stroller if you like. Takes 5 seconds tops.

We thought Dylan would protest but he seemed quite curious about the rain cover, as if it were his own personal bubble.


How to attach the rain cover

Given how we like to eat out, the stroller also has one advantage over many others- it is high enough to be used as a high chair. This feature has been very useful in places that don’t have high chairs, instead of us having to jiggle an active little baby in our laps while stabbing at our food. It makes us feel almost civilised once more. Haha.


Dilly “poring over” the menu at the Magnum store

Two more major advantages I didn’t anticipate: firstly,  the five point harness is safe and extremely easy for adults to clip on or off, while impossible for Dylan to unbuckle himself.


Secondly, the mesh basket has SO MUCH storage capacity! Auntie alert here: we have squeezed bulk buys of toilet paper, heavy items like dishwashing liquid and multiple tins of milk powder, and it has still kept its suspension and been easy to push. Because the seat is high, it’s also easy to cram (more) stuff under it. (Andrew: My record so far is storing 5 kg of rice, 4 packs of dishwashing detergent, 1 bottle of oil, 2 bags of toilet rolls, 2 drinks, 1 MacBreakfast, 1 bag of you tiao and his diaper bag, as well as him (duh) all in the stroller, while I remain completely hands-free!)

We even got a coffee cup-holder (by request of Andrew) and bag hooks from Toys R Us so it could hold even more.

Shopping with a baby has never been easier.

In conclusion, we think the price tag of the Stokke Scoot stroller is fully justified (and thank you to FIL for buying this for Dylan’s 1st birthday) for the years of use we will get out of it!

While a baby carrier is still unbeatable for its travel versatility (read: no need to plan single-level routes or queue up for the lifts), the Stokke has fit in seamlessly with our lifestyle, as we go out a fair bit to eat and shop, and Dylan gets to join right in too!

Andrew: The only one caveat I would add here is that the stroller is rather heavy due to its durable material and relatively larger wheels. As such, when folded up, you would probably need a considerable amount of strength to lift it up to put it in the car-boot. That being said, it folds up rather easily and is quite easy to re-assemble again – you don’t need to remove the seat in order to fold it up, unlike some others that we saw. Put everything together and this is still a rather small minus.

Jasmine: The Stokke Scoot has been well designed to fit a gap in the market. The Stokke Explory was endlessly configurable (six positions instead of the four that the Scoot has) but it was heavy and super-pricey, at SGD $1999. The Stokke costs substantially less, and is more compact and folds up faster while still boasting the high eye-level and convertibility of the Explory. There is also another new Stokke model, the Crusi, which can accommodate a second seat, but we decided against that because most double strollers wouldn’t fit into our Japanese car boot, and also, we plan to use this as a shared stroller for both babies while still wearing Dylan’s baby sister in the Ergo or sling to give her the full benefits of parental bonding and closeness too.

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