Easter Crafts and Activities with a 1 Year Old

Jasmine: This week, we did a few simple activities with Dylan to commemorate Good Friday and Easter. Because I was on bedrest, the activities had to be restful and allow me to stay seated or better still, lying down.

1. Bunny Book

The first was easy, (re)reading a bunny-themed book to Dylan. This was a gift for Dylan’s full month from James and Felicia, and Dylan seems to like it more with each successive reading. This time, he squealed with delight when I made him do the actions to the various lines.


Andrew: Hmm, you sure you read the book or just took a photo? The book’s still in the box.

Jasmine: HEY. I read the whole book. What were you doing, watching Amazing Race again?

Andrew: Oops – heh. Anyway, just to add, in terms of reading him stories, we did read him the story of Jesus’s resurrection from the rhyme bible that night. 🙂

2. Lighted Easter “Egg”

Jasmine: I wanted to calm Dylan down before bedtime, so I pulled out the trusty LED light balls, and placed one in an Easter egg/ chick (actually an old toothpick holder) to symbolise how the grave could not contain Christ’s resurrection and light. The other three lightballs, I placed in a coconut wood bowl from Bali, to symbolise a nest.

These lightballs and clear ball provided variation and helped extend the activity, as Dylan could move the chick to cover them and produce different colours.



A closeup of the clear ball, with the three LED lightballs illuminating it from below.

3. Suncatchers

Jasmine: Sent Dear out to buy more laminate stickers from our neighbourhood Popular store, and came up with a quick “craft” activity for Dilly.

I say “craft” in inverted commas because I’m not sure cutting up cellophane triangles and getting baby to stick them on is considered very crafty/ artsy, but anyways.


Our sophisticated, state of the art supplies included the Daiso dustpan and toilet roll, for different ways to pour and scoop the cellophane onto the laminate sticker.


We opened up the laminate sticker so that Dylan could just stick them on immediately. Dylan could practise his fine motor skills by picking up and manipulating the triangles of different sizes. Sometimes he “accidentally” threw them on and found that they had stuck, other times he would intentionally try to place a triangle on after we showed him how we did it.

Andrew: Actually, from my observations, it seemed like Dylan was more keen on eating all the cell0phone bits, dumping them all on the floor and crumpling the whole cellophane sheet. Case in point below:

20140425_202350Jasmine: Excuse me, that was Dylan being creative and playful. Sigh, the difference between a mum and dad’s perspective.


Getting his fine motor skills on


The finished product, which can not only be used as a suncatcher, but also a placemat and a mask, it seems…



Andrew: Best part of this activity (and most of those above) is that they are mostly low cost and can capture his attention for a long time (which is about 40 minutes).

Jasmine: On a sidenote, Dear gifted me with this Matryoshka Russian doll ring from NYC jeweller, Noir! It was quite pricey but we managed to obtain a discount (by feigning reluctance to buy it due to the missing rhinestone) so it came within our acceptable budget. Yay!

She is a gorgeous gold-plated, hand-enamelled doll with paistaking detailing everywhere…


But what really stole my heart was the fact that she had a tiny, peanut-sized Russian doll inside! It seemed like a timely token for Easter weekend. Considering that I am expecting a sweet baby girl this Russian doll ring (fashioned like a mother protecting or nurturing the daughter within her) seemed to symbolise the new life growing inside me. (With an argument like that, can still refuse to buy for me?? Haha I doubt it. Take Literature, people, it comes in handy when you least expect it.)


Andrew: Well, there was no life for my wallet after buying that, that’s for sure.

Jasmine: Thank you dear for the ring, I love it! But now that I’m on bedrest there’s nowhere to wear it to… *Hint hint*

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