The Dylan Diaries: Ubud Day 2

Dylan: Good morning everyone! Was so happy waking up on my second day with so many new toys!


Of course, before I could have my fill, I was taken around the villa for various photos. Sometimes I feel like a photo prop! (Mummy: EXACTLY!)


Granny, let me play with my new toys!


Was brought to meet this auntie in the villa, who was cooking food that I couldn’t eat cos Daddy didn’t allow me to…

IMG_4590 IMG_4595

So I ended up eating my tasty ‘nugget’ during breakfast…

Our first pit stop on this day was the art museum! Apparently Daddy and Mummy used to do this a lot before I was born, but with me around, they couldn’t… Well, I’d rather they not bring me along…

IMG_4599 IMG_4601

If all I’m going to be doing is posing with random plants and architecture that Mummy gets so excited about… Frankly, I think Daddy doesn’t care much about architecture – Mummy can talk non-stop about it and daddy will just go ‘um… um… good point’.

Yea Daddy, I could say that too.  Umumum. I say that whenever I’m hungry too.


Let me just lie down and bite my fan, thank you very much… 


Daddy and Mummy were really fascinated by this piece of art and spent almost 20 – 30 minutes just standing in front and staring at the colours, brush strokes, or something to that effect…

IMG_4612 IMG_4614

Apparently, it’s supposed to look like a real ricefield, with a 3D effect created by the raised paint… Mummy told me to put that in. Not like I would know…

Between you and me, I was just peeved that they didn’t let me touch it. It looked so tasty. That’s where my porridge comes from, isn’t it?? 😦

Puri Garden Cafe with Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee)

Mummy was really excited about trying this coffee shit thing that would cost lots more anywhere else…. (Daddy: Dillie, actually it’s not coffee shit – it’s coffee beans that have been digested by this animal called a civet or luwak, and it comes out thru the digestive tract as… ah.. okay, yes you can call it coffee shit then!)


Daddy hated it, mummy said it was “robust and full bodied” – even though she barely ever drinks coffee. Mummy likes to use all these terms that don’t make any sense at all. I have a full body but how can a cup of coffee shit? Universe, explain!

Frankly, the colour seems quite familiar to me, if you know what I mean… Daddy certainly does! Ahaha!


But I was in quite a happy mood there! Smiling and laughing, and because of that, people end up using me as a photo-prop again, non-stop. I have to endure similar hardships back in Singapore too, because I’m related to my Ee Ee 😀


Yes, don’t I look cute here? They said it’s  a ‘manja’ sweet look, but honestly, I’m just bored…

IMG_4642 Can we go to the next place now, Granny?

Tagalalang Rice Paddies

Our next stop was the rice paddy fields! Drive was long, traffic was bad and I couldn’t quite sleep on the ride…


Hmm, this doesn’t look very different to me than the view outside my window… trees, slopes… No wonder they say don’t bring a child travelling before they are 3.


Yes, amazingly enough I actually managed to fall asleep in this heat. Mummy posed next to this quilt (Below), which she eventually bought – supposedly for me, but later on I heard Daddy and her quibbling about her idea to ‘frame it up’ and put it as a centrepiece, or something to that effect… Then after that Mummy took it out during one party for me to roll around on and it just got packed away, never to be seen again… Much like many of the other toys Mummy bought for me. I see right through Mummy sometimes. Daddy ain’t half as shrewd.


Photo-prop falling asleep.. The bargaining for the “toy” took too long

Ooh, anyway, Mummy, Daddy and Granny tried to ‘trek’ down the rice paddies, with me in the carrier with daddy… It kinda got too slippery so Daddy said he didn’t want to risk it, since he was holding me. Eh, I didn’t make any noise! Why does everyone blame me now? Daddy, you a WIMP! I’m more resilient than they make me out to be.


What was that? I wasn’t the one who had to do the walking? That’s irrelevant.


So instead of an exciting hike up and down the rice paddies, I end up just taking photos, and you can’t even see me thanks to the carrier hood…. way to go guys. Nice family shot!

Cafe Luna

Ooh, my favourite cafe!


See how well I am treated, like royalty! They put together two chairs and assembled a few cushions just for meeee!


Everyone enjoyed the food there – it was good, according to what I heard… Balinese seafood paella, chicken satay…

IMG_4698 IMG_4703 

Of course, I couldn’t be bothered about the food ‘cos I was a real hit with the ladies! The waitresses couldn’t stop carrying me around while Mummy, Daddy and Granny enjoyed their food! All I had to do was make a few random noises and everybody would melt!


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