The Dylan Diaries: Ubud Day 1

Andrew: So we’ve blogged about our villa, which rightfully deserved a post of its own (it has its own album on Facebook too, which gathered more likes than the actual trip photos)! Now it’s time to capture some of our memories of places on the trip too.

I find it a bit tiresome recapping the whole trip, so have decided to do something more creative and write it from Dylan’s perspective instead! 

Jasmine: Wow… Andrew wrote about 95% of this, and I had a good chuckle. It’s as if Andrew is adopting Dylan’s persona to break out the sarcasm that he usually has to keep under wraps due to his “good husband and scholar” image! Haha!

Day 1: Organic Farmer’s Market, Ibu Oka, Shopping @ Ubud Market and Fair Warung Bale for Dinner

Mummy and daddy brought me to an organic market when we first reached Bali. Didn’t get to do much as I was stuck with mummy all the time in the carrier… Let me out mummy! Stop smiling and looking at the baby mosquito balms! I won’t need them in Singapore! *growls*


I really wanted to go out to explore all the interesting textures and fruits that were present there! Like this oddly-shaped papaya below… (Daddy: Actually Dillie, that’s a cocoa fruit!)


I never knew carrots had green stems! I always thought they were cube-shaped and mushy and came in porridge – these look different…IMG_4458

Daddy, as usual, was so tempted to buy so many cookies – but mummy, as usual, stopped him… In the end, only she got to buy what she wanted… hmm..


Ibu Oka

Anyway, after that, we all went to this place that serves crackling pig meat! I wouldn’t care cos I didn’t get to eat anything anyway, but Mummy, Daddy and Granny kind of enjoyed it… 



I am so glad Ee Ee loaned Granny this little fan – Ubud is so hot! No air con unlike Singapore… Plus they made me wear a romper, which was so poor for ventilation – but also from Ee ee! 🙂

While I didn’t care much for the food, I liked the fact that everyone sat on the floor here, which meant Mummy and Daddy could put me down on the mat, while they ate! Look at the pic below… Where do you think I am? Granny and Mummy are posing with their hands down, Daddy’s taking the pic…. so?


Well, I didn’t get to eat the babi guling, but I got to taste bits of it at least:


Pork milk! But minus the crispiness…

Wonder why mummy and daddy love taking all these unglam pics of me… I look like a monster reaching out from under the cloth!

After that, we went shopping at Ubud Market! Ooh… look at all those colours! Mummy bought some of these for me – she said they could be cheap TOYS! Daddy seemed a little suspicious, but just went along with it….

IMG_4507 IMG_4498

Mummy said that the other stuff she bought was for the house. Like the blue zig-zag beaded jar above… She doesn’t know yet but that’s gonna become my toy too!IMG_4509

What else can I turn into my toy…

Hmm… Me thinks mummy is using me as an excuse to shop more! She bought a lot of stuff – we came back with a whole suitcase full, while mummy claims was because she had to pack stuff for me! Not true!


Granny treated Mummy and Daddy to fried bananas with cheese and honey… and I didn’t get a single bit of it, even though they know that bananas are my favourite fruit! And some strange creamy liquid called condensed milk, which doesn’t look like my regular milk at all!

Daddy explained that the bananas could be too sweet…. or ‘allergenic’ in his words…. or too oily… Pfft, I think he just wants to eat all for himself, because they said it was so yummy!


After shopping, we went for dinner! Food wasn’t great I heard, but I had a rolling good time lying on the floor with two cushions! Balinese restaurants are great for babies – just wait until you see what the waitresses at another restaurant assembled for me! 🙂 Balinese girls dig me!


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