Fullerton Bay Hotel

[We take a break from the Dylan diaries to post this long overdue post about our Fullerton Bay staycation 2 years ago.]

Andrew: Dearie has been nagging me for ages to post photos of this wonderful hotel, which we staycation-ed in almost two years ago! Was prompted once again when I saw a friend staycationing there on Facebook, so here they are!

We staycation quite frequently, but I have to say that this first staycation set the bar so high that other staycations just couldn’t compare (well, you pay for what you get). Everything was amazing, from the hotel room, to the hotel design, the outstanding view, the great breakfast spread, the service. Would go back again, if only I could afford it so frequently.

The hotel lobby

Andrew: This was the most stunning and impressive hotel lobby ever, with (very) high ceilings and lots of natural lighting.



Jasmine: The architect, Hong Kong-based Andre Fu, has a distinctively luxe, Hollywood Regency style. From a coffee-table book in our hotel room, I read that he envisioned Fullerton Bay Hotel to be a gem on the waterfront, and therefore designed it to look like a jewel box, with metallic and plush textures.


Mix of rich fabrics


Sofas that you can just sink into




Andrew enjoying life

Jasmine: Although the remodelling and decor were futuristic, there were also nods to the hotel’s history, through archival prints of the building as it was in the 19th-century, and vintage steamer trunks like the one below…



Our hotel room

Andrew: We were given an excellent room which had a great frontal view of Marina Bay Sands. I spent a lot of time just chilling by the balcony, enjoying the breeze and great view, while journalling. Just happened there was some dragon boat championship during that time too, so I got a great view of what was going on! You’ll see more photos of the view later.

Jasmine: Yes, we were so fortunate to be upgraded to a corner room, which meant not one, but two panels of windows overlooking both MBS and the city.

Both panels of windows had automated sheer and blackout blinds so you could either maximise the view or enjoy the privacy and get a good night’s sleep.


Jasmine: Service was second to none. Based on whose belongings were on which side table, housekeeping placed a larger pair of bathroom slippers on Andrew’s side of the bed and a smaller pair on my side!


The panel of windows overlooking the city also had a long desk and an ergonomic chair, making this hotel great for business travellers.



Nespresso coffee to keep you up while tele-conferencing?

Jasmine: The business traveller aside, it was obvious that Fullerton Bay Hotel was built for romance, with the mahogany panelling and mirrors that gave the room a sumptuous, decadent yet thoroughly modern feel.

My other measure of a six-star hotel is how well-appointed the bathrooms are. They should have separate shower and bathtub facilities (each screened off), a double sink, premium toiletries, bath towels and bathrobes. This bathroom exceeded my expectations! Here is the lavish bathtub area done up in marble (there are automated blinds if you want to screen the bathroom off from the rest of the bedroom).



There was cable TV in the bath, and even a pillow to support the head during bubble baths… I made sure I had a nice long soak each night!

Not forgetting the generous tubes stuffed with Molton Brown toiletries.




And our fantastic night view of the Singapore skyline from the balcony… Dragon boat races by day, MBS lightshow by night! More pictures if you scroll to the end…


Breakfast @ The Clifford

Andrew: The breakfast spread at hotels are always amazing, but this one was truly outstanding in terms of quality and not just quantity and spread. First, check out this collection of Yakult! Not the most premium item, but Dearie was going thru a Yakult craze during that period, so this was quite perfect!


The cheese platters were amazing, with honeycomb and a nice mix of fresh, tasty nuts.





Andrew: There was a good selection of freshly squeezed juices, as well as this energy booster smoothie and a great bircher muesli (not photographed). The bircher muesli was one of the tastiest I have ever tried in any hotel thus far.

Jasmine: There was also an eggs station where the cook whipped up eggs benedict with smoked salmon or ham upon our request! It was truly the best hotel breakfast I had, both in terms of the extensive variety and quality of food!




More shots around the hotel!


This was taken in a mirror with an interesting, shimmering reflection, hence the kaleidoscopic quality of the shot.




And Botero sculptures just dotting the hotel!


There was also a live pianist when we were wandering around the hotel, making our experience even more otherworldly and perfect.





Jasmine: I remember that this was exactly 2 Labour Days ago, and it was our first break since joining HQ and working for about 5 months straight without taking any leave. (Andrew: It was also after my first In Camp Training, for Reservist, which was extremely exhausting, hence it was a fantastic break.) Staying at Fullerton Bay was like one long overnight date, as I have memories of Dear picking me up on impulse from One Fullerton when we were dating, and just strolling around at midnight, admiring the city lights and quietness. One of the evenings, we also had dinner at Fullerton Hotel’s Lighthouse Restaurant, which is well-known for its Southern Italian cuisine, and got a 15% off because we were guests at the sister hotel, Fullerton Bay.

Some shots of the Lighthouse and the food:





The wonderful Noir double-finger ring Dear bought for me to celebrate 6 months of being married!


By day, we were happy to explore the waterfront area, and take advantage of Fullerton Bay’s “shuttle bus”- as I remember, the “shuttle bus” actually involved the concierge hailing a taxi and giving the cab driver $10 to take us to our destination!

Perfect and free view of the MBS Light Show






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