DIY Toy Playdate

Jasmine: I have been very blessed this period on bedrest: although I have been confined to the home and been barred from going out, thank you to my mum, sis, cousin Steffy and baby Agnes, grandmum and my uni friend Weixuan for coming to visit us! Weixuan brought her son Eison, who is about a month or so older than Dilly, so our baby boys had alot in common!

I was quite worried about the playdate ‘coz there was suddenly alot of loud drilling going on right above us. Thank God, the piling stopped during lunch hour and only re-commenced as Weixuan and Eison were about to leave. In addition, Eison and Dylan both fell asleep (Eison in the car, Dylan in his crib) at the same time and woke up almost exactly at the same time at 11am! Weixuan says both babies were gearing up for their playdate with a powernap! How amazing that they somehow sync-ed their naptimes!

Dilly seems to have overcome his stranger anxiety phase and was smiling at our visitors from the moment he saw them at our gate., even though he was half-naked, as I was changing him halfway. Heh. When Weixuan carried Dilly, Eison stopped what he was doing, came over and said “baobao” (“carry” in Mandarin). So cute!


That’s my helper in the background, preparing bacon aglio olio for our lunch. Eison preferred the spicy aglio olio to the plain pasta that she prepared for the babies! Haha!

Weixuan and I also realised that we too have something in common, namely, our love for DIY and wooden toys. It was actually Weixuan who proposed a DIY toy swap  awhile back (which was then postponed because of the crisis with my previous helper). Hence this was a playdate with alot of homemade toys!

Here are the boys making a mess getting creative with the sensory bottles and other wooden toys:


Trying out the toys that Weixuan made, which involve three increasingly difficult types of sorting, starting with tin lids (below), straws and finally ice-cream sticks, as you have to turn them to slot them in correctly… Dylan is still playing with them everyday! Weixuan also covered two of the tins with cork and bubble wrap for different textures… What shall I wrap the last tin with? (I was thinking sandpaper)


And then they moved to the nursery, where they had a go with my DIY toys. Eison had very good concentration and was able to insert the pom poms into the drop n shoot one by one, whereas I had to stop Dylan from swallowing a pom pom. However, I daresay that the boys’ motor skills have advanced beyond these toys, so I guess I can return them to the kitchen and start making new toys!


So that’s what my muffin tray colour sorter is good for eh- a stool. Maybe can repurpose for potty training next time.

I also shared with Weixuan how most of Dylan’s friends e.g. the babies of our friends are girls, and we only know one other baby boy his age. It was thus interesting to see that Dylan and Eison were both attracted to the same things, like putting keys in locks, using the walker, and um, exploring the dustbin. Good thing it was cleared that morning.


We also spoke about how important it was for mums our generation, whether working or stay-home mums, to learn and grow. We both could not imagine just staying home and tending the children day in day out- but needed something to fulfilling to immerse ourselves in that would also benefit our children. For Weixuan, it was reading up on child psychology, for me (when I am freer from work) it is about Montessori and Reggio Emilia.


Thanks Weixuan and Eison for the fun playdate! I gotta admit, both Dylan and I were knocked out afterwards and ended up napping! Haha!


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