The Dylan Diaries: Ubud Day 3

Dylan: Oh, one thing to mention before we go on, I kept on being mistaken for a girl when I was in Bali! The people there kept calling me cantik cantik… (which means ‘pretty’)  – must be ‘coz of my long hair! Gender stereotypes exist even at a young age – they should ask my jiu jiu about keeping long hair! Every time they called me ‘pretty’, I felt like showing them this:

1005965_10151672286254049_1163641478_nI ain’t no pretty boy 

Anyway… So, on Day 3, we went to Green Village, an eco-friendly community with houses, a school and a chocolate factory made entirely out of bamboo! Our guide told us that the benefit is that the house remains mostly cool and such buildings are eco-friendly as bamboo grows quickly… Well, not as quickly as me! I can type at six months old, I’m a genius!


Entrance to the house


We’ve been seeing lots of greenery this trip… unlike back home in Singapore, where Mummy and Daddy only bring me to shopping malls and indoor playgrounds. Mummy never wants to bring me to gardens, parks and beaches… The only time we’ve been to a garden was when I was still in Mummy’s womb and we went for a photo shoot at Botanic Gardens.  The only green I get to see now is Mummy’s sling!


Living area of the house

Now, a word about baby fashion (because I am my mother’s son). I’m so glad they put me in respectable shorts today, instead of those silly rompers which expose the whole leg. Mummy loves grabbing what she calls my “fleshy thighs”. Stop it, Mum! It’s embarrassing! You don’t see Daddy wearing his underwear out in public, do you?

(Mummy: NOBODY wants to see that… Ok Dyl, point taken, but you do realise that you’re a baby and can get away with wearing rompers, right?)


I loved all the winding staircases, and pressing every light switch I came across! I couldn’t be kept in the carrier, so everyone took turns carrying me! Haha… and I was so squirmy..


… that Mummy decided to put me behind bars!  Check out my disgruntled face and  Mummy’s gleeful look!


Daddy kinda got himself trapped too… See, pictures like these make me NEVER wanna wear rompers.


Daddy tried swinging with me in it, which was fun… but it was even more fun when I got to do it on my own!


Daddy proposed to Mummy that we could have a swing in our house, but Mummy turned down the idea immediately cos she said it didn’t go with her ‘design aesthetic’ or something to that effect – Boo! (Mummy: If it’s a miniscule vintage swing, I’ll consider!)

These odd-shaped mirrors were really fun… family selfie! It was Mummy’s turn to propose having something like this in our home – that smile on Daddy’s face that you see above just disappeared immediately… That’s why Daddy hates bringing Mummy to houses.

After a while, I kinda got too heavy, so they just dumped me in various locations…


I’m sinking down here and all they can do is take photos and say how cute I look…


Yea, there’s granny, just looking on as I sink helplessly in the hammock…



And instead of carrying me out, Daddy just takes more photos…

Priorities, people!

I’d like a rotating shelf like this of my own – to climb on! This one’s cool, it swings open to reveal the toilet! I’ve already mastered our coffee table and sofa back home… Give me a challenge, Mummy!


And finally they carried me, but the star of the photo was… the house!

Chocolate Factory

I probably shouldn’t mention it but I made Mummy very stressed because I refused to drink my milky in the car. Would you drink milky when there was a chocolate factory waiting for you to visit? I think NOT!

If you are wondering how I survived the trip without being allowed to join in any of the nice meals pictured, my (and Mummy’s secret) is that we nursed on drives! Well, thankfully Mummy miraculously recovered from her anger just in time to take another 10294 pictures with me.

Once again, they brought me to a food place where I couldn’t eat anything…. So, I just slept!


  Organic chocolate products and cocoa drinks available for sampling, but not by me. Life is tough. 


Hmm, daddy seems to do the activity above quite frequently on this trip!


The colour’s so familiar, yet smelt so good

Then I woke up and thought a stranger was carrying me –


Turns out it was just Daddy, donning the latest in men’s hairpieces! Isn’t Daddy just such the fashionista – green hat, grey starry sling! That isn’t a good angle of me honestly, I look so fat! Where’s my jawline? And to make things worse…


Green School

Our final stop in Green Village was Green School – an international school in Ubud with a curriculum centred around the environment. It was made of bamboo too.IMG_4848

Music hall for performances, designed like a shell to enhance the acoustics

Mummy and Daddy started geeking out about curriculum design, student-centricity, authentic learning. I was thoroughly fascinated- NOT:IMG_4855

Since I wasn’t quite awake throughout the whole visit, I’ll let Mummy and Daddy take over this portion… They don’t write as well as me but just bear with them, ok?

Mummy: Anchored on the principles of community engagement and sustainable living, Green School had an interesting curriculum that encouraged students to embark on inter-disciplinary projects to give back to the community while putting critical thinking and subject-specific skills in action.

We did feel, however, that as innovative as it sounded, we have many similar forward-looking (and more rigorous) programmes in Singapore schools, although our infrastructure may not be quite as… aesthetically creative. Heh.


 A cubbyhole for kindergarteners, inspired by a pineapple

The preschool classrooms were self-contained, yet open and well-ventilated, with clearly-demarcated areas for eating, performing (a stage with curtains), storytelling, craft work, and even toileting.


Boat play structure


The high school classrooms were larger than the preschool classrooms. In addition to the traditional rows of desks for frontal learning, the school also customised the learning space with a cozier cafe-styled “hang out” area for group discussions (not pictured) based on students’ feedback.

Dinner @ Cinta Grill & Inn

Dylan: Ok boring. I’m not due for preschool for another 2 years, Mummy.

We headed out for a barbecue and grill dinner…



But the wait was so long, that Mummy wandered away into the inn just behind, to Daddy’s horror, as she muttered something about ‘design inspiration’ and pulled me along. Dada, if I tell you I’m innocent, will you give me some of that chocolate you bought from the chocolate factory, please??



Why do they enjoy putting me in the midst of huge sofas, as if I were one of the cushions??

And to finish the night on a sweet note, desserts at Cafe Wayan!IMG_4905



Death by Chocolate cake (back), Coconut Meringue Pie (front)


Kueh Dardar Guling

Ooh, this was the best! I got to enjoy a super-rich, gooey chocolate milk, meringue pie milk and kueh milk for my bedtime feed. (Daddy: This was seriously the best dessert place of the trip! Highly recommended!)

Final Day

It’s been a great trip, but I’m so glad to go back home too – to the comfort of my own cot!


It was a relatively empty flight – so instead of roughing it out on my parents’ laps, I got a seat all to myself! Daddy, fetch me my headset please.


Of course, before we went back, we went shopping at Sukawati art market where we got the best souvenir of all:

1238315_10151865177684049_1820056444_n No, it’s not Daddy –


It’s this whimsical painting for my nursery! Finally, a toy that Mummy doesn’t roll out for a week and then hide it away, never to be seen again.

I love it so much that I sometimes wake up at night just to poke all the dots on the painting! Thought they’d be happy that I appreciate their art so much but they just seem more keen on putting me back to sleep each time.

What a great trip with my family 🙂


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