Couple time at St Marc’s Cafe

Andrew: It’s been really great having a public holiday every two weeks to allow us to relax and unwind – especially great when we can have some couple time!

Had read lots about St Marc’s Cafe from the food blogs I frequent, and this is apparently the ‘Starbucks’ equivalent in Japan.

We had their famous milk chocolate croissant (chococro) as a ‘starter’, and a croissant with green tea & red bean filling, which was nowhere near as nice. Dearie loved the chococro so much that we bought some back for her family, and they loved it too! (Jasmine: We actually  meant to order the white chocolate croissant but they got the order mixed up… I’m going back to try that one day!)

Besides that, we also tried the sandwiches! We’re quite into sandwiches now, such that we’ve even declared Saturdays as our ‘sandwich’ day. Our maid will make egg mayo and fry either corned beef or luncheon meat (sometimes – both) and we’ll just have eat those with bread, sometimes toasted with a slice of cheese. Simple yet tasty and satisfying!

This time, we had:


Egg mayo and prawn sandwich


Beef Pastrami and Swiss Cheese sandwich

Jasmine: I preferred my beef pastrami sandwich to Andrew’s egg mayo, which was a tad plain. The beef pastrami was flavourful and was offset well by the milder Swiss cheese. Now I want to replicate it on our family Sandwich Saturdays- a new weekend ritual we just started!

Andrew: I loved the crispy toasted edges of the bread, but the toasting also meant the sandwiches  were rather dry, especially the egg mayo and prawn one. I think toasting only works well when you have a very creamy or ‘melted’ filling. The sandwiches were accompanied by coleslaw and chips (a sure winner with Dearie)! One set like this cost about $8 each, which is a bit on the expensive side.


Royal Iced Milk Tea and Green Tea Latte

To accompany our food, we ordered their drinks, which were only average in my opinion. The Green Tea Latte wasn’t rich enough. I’ve had better tea lattes at Mc-Cafe – random point, their  Himalayan Tea Latte is fantastic! I even drove and stopped by a McCafe once before work just to get a latte to treat myself. (Jasmine: And my milk tea was substandard and watery… Even Mos Burger’s milk tea is nicer coz you can add as much milk as you want!)

On to the best part of the meal, the dessert!


Strawberry Heaven

Now, this was really good! It was a great mix of textures and flavours, with cornflakes, frozen strawberry bits, light sponge cake. I loved the crunch of the cornflakes! The soft serve ice cream was delicious! Loved it.

Will definitely be back again for more of the desserts! Kyoto Delight is next on my list.

Jasmine: This was a fantastic parfait! Everytime we dug a bit deeper we discovered a new ingredient. The cornflakes and soft serve were great!

Andrew: Always appreciate such times where we can have a relaxed meal and just enjoy quality conversation – we spoke about random things like whether to buy a sandwich maker (lol! – yes, so interesting), planning the week’s menu for our maid and planning the blog posts we could write (interestingly enough, this wasn’t on our list of posts!). Following that, my wife went for a massage and a little shopping, while I went off to Momentum Conference.


Eagerly awaiting… her massage and shopping spree!

Jasmine: I only spent $24… where got spree… However, it was $24 well spent, as I managed to get a last-minute appointment for a brow wax at Benefit!

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