A milestone: Dylan starts walking!


An early attempt at standing – still having to use the table for support

Jasmine: When Dilly started crawling at 7 months, we thought he would likewise learn to walk early. He has been using a walker (we are not fans of exersaucers or jumperoos as they train kids to walk wrongly, using the tips of their toes instead of the whole foot). I was never quite stressed about him taking longer to walk than other babies, because let’s face it, it’s not a competition, he was hitting milestones in other areas e.g. speech, fine motor, and nobody is going to care in 20-30 years’ time when he learnt to walk.

     IMG_5512     IMG_5514 

Walking and grooving!

Jasmine: However, all of a sudden, Dilly’s walking abilities and confidence exploded and in the past one week, he has gone from stumbling one  or two steps to taking several steps unaided! The other day he toddled from our bedroom to the living room! He is so proud of himself and will clap for himself after each walk!

Walking is one of the biggest first year milestones because it requires a great amount of core strength and even cognition for the little one to choose a direction, keep his balance and move towards it. I never thought I’d be this thrilled but I love seeing him walk!

20140510_084647Hmm.. What’s over there?

Andrew: Being a father has really taught me to celebrate the small moments in life. Like Dearie said, I never thought that seeing my son walk would bring so much joy, but it does! It’s so much fun, seeing him stumble and wobble thru a few steps, fall down, pick himself up and continue walking again. Well, it’s going to be the start of a life-long journey of chasing him all around, but for now, I’m just so proud of my son. 🙂 Here’s one of the best-captured videos of his walking – thanks to Ee Ee!

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  1. Awww how CUTE!!

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