The Dylan Diaries: Mother’s Day Lunch at TOWN Restaurant

Dylan: For Mother’s Day last year, Daddy just brought Mummy for an impromptu celebration at Arteastiq… which was seriously just…

… cringe-worthy. Seriously, Daddy – you can do better than that! This woman pushed me out of her body, you know!

So this year, he did put in more effort and we went for a lunch buffet at Town Restaurant @ Fullerton, which was where they celebrated jiu jiu’s birthday last year when I was still in Mummy’s tummy.

There I am!

All I remember was lots of salmon cones (about 15 to be exact), strawberry lemon tarts and macarons jostling for space with me in Mummy’s tummy. Oh, I also remember Mummy blaming me for not being able to reach her tea:


Mummy, it’s not me, it’s the salmon cones. And why isn’t Daddy helping?

On to today’s lunch! Unlike the Courtyard, today’s spread was a more local one – with kueh pie tee and popiah station, nasi lemak, satay, a prata/roti john station as well as…



… a noodles station, with 3 different types of local noodle dishes – laksa, mee rebus and prawn noodles:



Daddy really loved the satay station, whereas Mummy really loved the Indian food. What disappointed Mummy was that the Jap station had no sashimi…. Actually Mummy, you’re not supposed to be eating sashimi! You were so good when you had me, I’m going to tell on you when we next go to Dr. Chan. (Daddy: There’s a reason why we don’t bring you along, Dillie.)

While Mummy and Daddy enjoyed all the good local food, all I had was…


… soba. Yes, plain, dry soba.

Which they repeatedly dropped on my plate and watched in amusement as I gobbled everything up, even the smallest bits. I must have had a whole rice bowl full of clumpy green tea soba from that buffet. I officially hate Fullerton.

Well, when you’re given nothing else, what other choice do you have? I kept pointing at Daddy’s laksa, but all he did was laugh, dump more strands of soba in front of me, then continue slurping his laksa.

Wow. Thanks for giving me the best, parents.

Dessert spread was quite local too, with lots of kuehs, chiffon cakes, mee jiang kueh, bandung… More photos of things I couldn’t eat…



Ooh, volcanoes! 


Ice kachang and chendol station


I thought Mummy was so nice to order me this coloured ice for my sensory play… then she and Daddy just ate it up… All I got was a serviette!


Daddy’s favourite scones from the Courtyard’s afternoon tea!

After Mummy and Daddy finished eating, no prizes for guessing what they did – to take photos! As if feeding me just soba wasn’t enough, now they want to bring me even closer to the food I can’t eat…


So I refused to look at the camera throughout and kept staring at the food… Oh, Daddy bought that dress for Mummy for Mothers’ Day by the way. She likes it but I’m kinda confused. I remember Mummy used to say something about how horizontal stripes make you look rounder… You’re already kinda round because of baby sister Mummy, why are you wearing that then?? Make Daddy buy you another one!


Just wait a while Daddy. Mummy needs a new dress.


Hey I want that chicken wing!


When all else failed, I tried smiling cutely while playing peek-a-boo with the table-mat (yes, I was that desperate) to charm Mummy and Daddy into giving me at least some chendol…. to no avail.

Then, we went out for some photos…



Mummy kept trying to push me towards this black man, but I got so terrified…

IMG_5564Get me away from this black man!

Daddy: Dylan, you need to be careful with using such terms, do not ever call a man ‘black’ – it’s quite sensitive.

Dylan: Alright, go away you big black stone…

Daddy: ….


 IMG_5566 Dylan: Just like you could see me in the earlier photo under Mummy’s white dress, you can also see my sister in the above photos! As you can see, Mummy’s holding me ‘above’ her, so I’m still the most important – I’m going to show her who’s the boss… nobody’s going to take my Mummy away from me. 😦


See, I’m still the cutest! Even when my sister arrives, I’ll still be number one!


Kinda became a bit mopey after thinking about how I’ll no longer be the sole object of Mummy and Daddy’s affection…


Why God – wwwwhhhyyyy? Why must my life be so sad??


Go away Daddy. Stop shoving that camera in my face.  Just let me be sad for a while….


Yes, leave me alone, let me find some joy spending time with these flowers…. just spinning round…


and round…  IMG_5579

And I’m happy again! I guess having a sister around to play with won’t be so bad after all…


I just hope Mummy will lend me this volume button to put on my little sister, to quieten her down when she tries to take Mummy and Daddy away from me!

Anyway, thanks Mummy for taking such great care of me. I know it’s been tough on you, even with a second one coming along (hmph!), but we know that you always put us (I mean, me!) first and we’ll always be grateful for all that you’ve done. I guess that’s why you have this blog too, so that in years to come, if we forget and become ungrateful, you can always use this blog as evidence of all that you’ve done. Happy Mothers’ Day!


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