Symbolic Rings on our Couple Journey

Jasmine: Since university days, I have had a thing for rings. They are the easiest piece of jewelry to slip on and off, and can either blend in with any outfit or be a conversation-starter. This post traces the evolution of our journey as a couple through the rings that Andrew has bought me- they are not very expensive, but each ring marks a next stage in our relationship. (Andrew: Really, this is just another excuse for Dearie to showcase her accessories. And I like the inclusion of ‘very’ in the statement above.)

Jasmine: You are uninvited from contributing to this post, Andrew.

1.  Sundial ring from Toulouse, Southern France

Jasmine: Before that, let me just show off my favourite ring when I was a single lass! (Darn I make myself sound so old.) This ring represents my love of travelling- it is a ring bought from a silversmith in the South of France. The ring replicates a traditional design- the story goes that a prince gave a ring like this to a princess as a token of his love. "Carpe Diem", or  "seize the day" in Latin, was very much my motto when I was on exchange  and had the best time of my life exploring new countries.


However, the most unique thing about this ring is that it is a…. sundial! If you prop it on its face, the little hole allows sunlight to come through and hit a number engraved on the underside of the ring! How perfect for an ancient keepsake reminding a princess to be patient in waiting for her true love’s return! (Andrew: Oh, so by that analogy, am I your knight in shining armour?) (Deletion done by Jasmine)


2. Michal Negrin ring for Marriage Preparation Course (MPC)

Jasmine: In our church, a guy asking a girl to go for MPC is a serious thing, as it signals his intent to lay strong foundations for marriage. In fact, couples are discouraged from doing the wedding proposal, buying of flats, booking of hotel etc before MPC, as MPC will ensure that couples are ready for a lifelong marital commitment and do not just rush headlong into wedding prep.

Therefore, we did not have an engagement ring at this point, but Andrew surprised me by bringing me on a date, asking me to "shop" at Michal Negrin, an Israeli jewelry boutique stocked at Raffles City, and then sneaking back to Michal Negrin to buy the ring that I liked while he dropped me at Paper Market! (Andrew: I was surprised she didn’t know what was going on, but those were the days where I still bothered with such little surprises and romantic gestures – nowadays I just say ‘Dearie – tell me what you want’, or in more desperate times, ‘Send me the link and I’ll buy it for you.’)


Jasmine: He then brought me to a spot by Esplanade overlooking the Singapore River, and asked me if I would go for MPC with him, and accept this ring as  a token of his sincerity. Although this ring is very ornate, I love its vintage style and have worn it both for casual days as well as for our pre-wedding shoot:

And just in case you’re wondering, we have written about our Tiffany & Co engagement ring and custom wedding bands (Andrew’s ring is quite striking for a man’s ring!) here.

3. House ring by Noir

Jasmine: This ring was SO unusual, it was love at first sight. It was a double finger ring by Noir, a NYC-based jeweller stocked at Deja Vu Vintage. Dear bought this for me when we were six months newlywed, and it had special significance as we had just bought our first home 😀

Noir collaborated with Mattel to produce this cotton-candy pink mansion ring.

It can be worn closed e.g. snap the house shut and wear it on one finger, or open. When open, the back  reveals the house interior with all these cool touches like stairs and a chandelier charm!

Andrew: I was truly unable to appreciate the beauty of this ring when I first saw it. I thought it was just me and my usual ‘dense-ness’ about fashion-related stuff, then I realised I wasn’t alone- Jasmine’s mum and sis couldn’t appreciate it either. This is truly a mark of Dearie’s eccentric taste!

4. Rubberband ring made by Andrew’s 6-yr-old niece

Jasmine; This may seem like an oddball choice, but it is said that when you marry someone, you also marry his/ her family- for better or for worse. How true that is!

Thankfully, Andrew has many nice cousins on both sides and their children are all very, very cute. Faith is a lively 6-year-old girl (who was also our flowergirl at our wedding) who "made" this ring for me during Chinese New Year- she and her sis busied themselves during dinner churning out rubberband jewelry from a kit they had brought along. This ring symbolises family to me!

5. Dior "Oui" ring

Jasmine: I had admired this ring for years, even before I knew Andrew! I thought it had a touch of wry French humour, and found the idea of literally saying "yes" both ironic and well, sweet. Dear bought this for me as a birthday present last year- it must have been one of our fastest shopping trips ever, as we were in and out of the Dior boutique within 20 minutes during lunch break!


The original Insta caption went: two years on and it’s still yes…

6. Matryoshka ring from Noir

Jasmine: This was a happy chance encounter. I actually went into Deja Vu Vintage trawling for vintage dresses I could use for maternity wear, but strayed to their jewelry section- which is really worth a long browse, as it has such a diverse range of jewelry of all time periods (vintage and contemporary designers), countries (local designers and international brands) and styles (punk, retro, 1940-50s vintage).

I really liked this Russian doll ring, which I discovered was from the same designer who made the house ring above! Not only is she intricately enamelled, the top can be screwed off to reveal a peanut-sized mini doll inside! It seemed to symbolise a mother and daughter pair, which was extra-meaningful to me since I am carrying a baby girl this pregnancy.

Dilly likes this ring too, I have to use it to distract him when he is fussing in the infant car seat. Heh.


Andrew: We actually went back to the shop twice to look at this ring, buying it only on our second visit. During the first visit, Dearie tried to use Dilly as a reason for me to buy the ring, but I had a counter-reason for not buying it – that I was tired and wanted to go soon! Haha… During our second visit, the shop assistant actually remembered our first encounter there – she remarked, “Oh yes, he looks much less tired today. And your son also loves the ring right?”. Oh man, looks like we are remembered at the wrong places for the wrong reasons.

Side-note, being with Dearie has truly brought on some strange conversation topics with shop assistants. When getting Dearie her Mothers’ Day gift at Maternity Exchange, I ended up having an extended conversation with the shop assistant about their selection of brands and which range they should bring in (of course, with help from Dearie thru whatsapp, who jumped on the chance immediately to provide any fashion input). 

Jasmine: Isn’t that amazing? The shop assistants didn’t just recognise me but recognised my husband when he went alone. Hope that doesn’t mean we have visited the store too frequently. Heh.


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