The Dylan Diaries: Baby Fashion

Dylan: This post was only a matter of time, given my Mummy’s love for fashion, writing about it, giving advice on it, coaching Daddy to advise salesgirls on what brands to bring in via whatsapp…  you get the idea! In the family, I’m the second-most fashionable now, quickly displacing Daddy. After I was born, Daddy’s fashion has been reduced to whatever’s comfortable for baby-carrying and whatever material poop washes off easily. As for bags, he used to have a variety of outing bags, but now… it’s just the diaper bag, which Mummy claims is very fashionable (good try, Mum):


There’s just too much to write about, so I’ve decided to categorise this post into a few key collections! (Darn it, I’m good!)

1. The One-piece Collection (aka “Rompers”)

Dylan: Look, my hatred of one-piece suits aka rompers is well documented, but Mummy  likes them coz they show off my fleshy thighs!

Daddy also loves dressing me in rompers, because of the ease of changing – just release a few buttons and there you go! Daddy’s all about functionality – that’s why he’s called D.A.D (Director of Active Diapering)! There are just too many rompers that I have, so I’ll show off some signature pieces:


This was the very first piece of clothing that Daddy and Mummy bought for me… from Seed Maternity at Sydney Airport! So good at spending money time wisely, those parents…

The colour really accentuates my cheeks!
(Daddy: Son, actually that’s your eczema rash which we spent hundreds of $$ buying creams to get rid of.)

Man, I wasn’t very strong huh – couldn’t even hold up my own neck, let alone eyelids! So much for being super! 


Hi I’m Dylan! And I drive my parents up the wall… Vroom vrrrroooommm…

Dylan: Weather’s gotten really hot lately though, so rompers don’t really cut it anymore. I need more ventilation now coz I have become so active, running all around. Is that what they mean about fashion in various seasons? Well, the romper season is officially over! On to the next collection!

Oh wait, one more piece:


My kawaii look in my Jap romper from Shirakawago! It actually doesn’t button up at the crotch anymore… Pretend you didn’t notice.

Tsk… Did somebody machine-wash my delicate fabrics? It’s shrunk!!

(Mummy: Actually, Dilly, you just had a growth spurt, that’s all.)

2. “Ah Beng” Collection

Dylan: I don’t know what an Ah Beng is, but he must be somebody stylish and can stay cool in this hot weather?

For home wear I like singlets. This trend began when jiu jiu bought me some from Bangkok. These singlets can be really tacky and Daddy wouldn’t be caught wearing any of these, but let’s face it…


I look sexy in them…

photo(14)So … yay to jiu jiu for buying them for me… I guess.


Because I’m still too young to cool myself down with a mocha frappe.

Service at Starbucks is so slow these days. I was there posing for a good ten minutes, helping to raise brand awareness to the preschooler market and stuff. The least they could do was offer me a babycino on the house, but no.

Of course the Ah Beng look isn’t complete without this ‘qiao jiao’ (hike your leg up) posture… (Daddy: Actually son, this is more of the ah pek look, and don’t let me catch you doing this in future. You only get away with it now coz you’re so cute!)

IMG-20140512-WA0029 Okay Daddy, I’ll be good… *mopes*

On the more fashionable front, check out my skinny jeans and red-hot singlet!

They’re not very good-quality jeans though. Three months and they’ve shrunk to three-quarter pants:( Let me make a mental note to myself: don’t buy from Fox again.

And the hotter than hotpants alternative… diaper covers! Okay, I’m n0t sure how this fits into the Beng category, but these pants make my butt look so pert!!

This won’t do, this won’t do, neither will this…

IMG-20140512-WA0032 IMG-20140512-WA0048

Someone sure is admiring my cute butt in these photos… 🙂

3. Stripey Collection

Dylan: Now this is iconic. Even my uncles (they are ancient, if you must know, they’re in primary school!) know me as Stripey. Mummy says stripes if done nicely can have a slimming effect…

But looks like no stripes can help this chubby face of mine!

Or is it the bad angle? Ok, let’s try this one, and I won’t smile either… Slimmer now, Daddy? What do you mean, no difference? Humph… men.

Seriously though, baby girls have it much easier. Whenever Mummy brings me to the baby boys section, all I have to choose from is stripes, checks and alot of blue. Oh well, when life gives you lemons…

Sometimes Mummy gets in on the act and dresses stripey too. Here we are, the human zebra crossing:

And that’s me camouflaging into Mummy’s dress!

These pics of me and Mummy in stripes get lots of ‘likes’ on Facebook! Daddy has striped clothes too, but he always ends up playing his other ‘D.A.D’ role – Dedicated Art Director, aka photographer.


I am so committed to stripe-wearing, even my towel is stripey.

4. Winter Collection

Dylan: So we go from minimalist dressing in hot Singapore to my winter collection when we went on family holidays last year… Mummy and Daddy did a photoshoot in Shanghai with me, but actually I was the real star…

Move away Daddy… don’t steal my limelight, thank you very much.

Winter fashion’s fun coz it’s an excuse to dress me up in all sorts of weird attire, such that I end up looking like a ridiculous teddy bear… they even called me ‘Dyla-kuma’… ughs!


Another bear cape, but I’m not so fond of it. If I lie down, I look like the bear version of the sheepskin rug. Mind your step.

We were in Suzhou and some stranger actually did a double take and said in Mandarin, “Whoa I thought that was a big stuffed toy!” How insulting. Isn’t it obvious that I’m a baby??

Ooh, stripes again! This pic below is one of my favourite – a stripey family portrait… I wear them stripes on my pants too and this time, Daddy matches stripey me!

My whole outfit above is from H&M! I really dig the velour hoodie but it looks like someone flattened my smelly penguin and pasted him there…

Alright, I’ll have to stop here and not overwhelm everyone. There are still many other collections to write about! After all, when Ee Ee comes back from one trip with all these for me,

I can never run out of clothes to write about! 🙂

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