Amazon Toys Playdate

Jasmine: So, bedrest again, and Steffy, my mum and sis came over to play with babies Dylan and Agnes so I could take a break! Even my cousin Ken showed up uninvited to hang out briefly with the babies! Just nice too that our latest batch of toys arrived from Amazon the day before, so Dyl and Agnes got to play with two of them.

The first was these two dolls from Manhattan Toy. We bought one for Dilly and one for his sister. They can be tucked into the peapod/ bunny respectively, and taken out and played with separately.


As mentioned in a previous post, we are trying to model affectionate behaviours and “soft touch” for Dylan, especially to prepare him for his new sister’s arrival. I’ve heard of anatomically correct dolls that wet themselves and that come with feeding/ potty equipment, but I think this simple doll will suffice for now. Dilly knows how to “rock the baby”, though he gets a naughty laugh whenever Granny sings “Rock a Bye Baby” and drops the baby when the cradle falls!


Jasmine: Here’s Dilly, none the wiser that his Ee Ee has started his “big brother” training with an exercise in baby-wearing. Maybe I should buy him a baby-sized baby sling.


Jasmine: Dilly found a “house” for the doll when I wasn’t looking!


And yes, that latch board in the background is also from Amazon and it cost 30% cheaper than its retail price in stores here. As the babies didn’t play with that much, I shall save that for another post. Heh. Dylan does love tinkering with all the locks and opening the doors though.

The other Amazon toy that Dylan and Agnes played with were these handcrafted

B. Elemenosqueeze rubber blocks!

I’ve not seen these in Singapore (and trust me, I’ve been to almost every toy and baby store there is on these shores), nor does this company have stockists in Singapore.

I like that these offer kids a different medium for block play (instead of just soft blocks or wooden). Rubber has friction, which makes it easier and more rewarding for babies to stack them. These are also individually hand-crafted. I really like the sophisticated color palette (instead of just primary colours) as well as the variety of shapes. There are 26 blocks, one for each letter of the alphabet. I like them all except for “U” which is for unicorn. Haha. Here’s a closeup of the detailed craftsmanship that goes into each block:


Seems that even the adults had fun building towers with them!


While the babies had fun knocking them down!


Dylan and Agnes kept returning to these blocks throughout the afternoon. They liked to chew on them and throw them around. It looked like there had been an explosion of blocks in the house, heh!

Thankfully it comes with a reusable carry case. Do take note that you can’t just stuff them in randomly as there won’t be enough space. You have to compactly pack the blocks in layer by layer- which, at least for me, was weirdly therapeutic, almost like solving a puzzle, and could be done in a couple of minutes, and I’m not even mathematically-inclined. There is also a crib sheet provided for how you can pack the blocks to fit, though I’m not sure arranging blocks is gonna be a priority for most busy parents.


Love the array of unusual shapes and colours! Children’s imagination shouldn’t be restrained and neither should toy design!

Of course, Agnes and Dylan also devised ways to keep themselves entertained, by hiding out in different corners of the house!

Here’s Dilly pouting because Agnes found him in his “man cave”. Heh.


Showing Agnes his new favourite hiding place- the laundry cabinet!


I designed the shelving to fit all our pails, laundry basket, stool and baby bathtub. Little did I realise it would fit babies one day…


A cute shot of the two cousins, surveying the mess they’ve made?20140516-221444.jpg

Thanks also to Charlene and Steffy for watching the babies while I rested! According to Steffy, Charlene gave it 100% running after babies, keeping them in sight at all times… Which is how she somehow ended up with this scraped knee:


Ah, sacrifices of an Ee Ee.

Andrew and I were joking that nowadays we only give it 70% (no wait, 50% haha), and only rush to save him when we hear screaming or crying. Haha.


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