Wedding DIY: "I’m Not the Bride" Flowergirl Banner

Jasmine: We wanted to surprise our guests during the wedding processional, so we had our last and littlest flowergirl, Kirsten, hold a sign that said, "I’m not the bride".

We had six-year-old Elliot and four-year-old Faith walk out holding the "Here Comes the Bride" banner, followed by two-year-old Kirsten with a sign that read, "I’m not the bride".

Here’s how to make an easy banner for one pint-sized member of your bridal party to carry.

Step 1: Cut out two hearts

Step 2: Make a border

I actually depleted all my supplies of brown cardstock making the "Here Comes The Bride" banner, so these were actually strips of paper cut from the leftovers of that project and folded concertina-style.

It doesn’t matter if the border is composed of different papers; in fact, that can make for an even more visually interesting look!

Step 3: Decorate!

As you can see from these closeups, I tried to keep the colours (milky jade green and mocha brown) consistent with the "Here Comes the Bride" banner, but also accented it more heavily with purple to tie it in closely with the purple theme as well as my handbouquet.

I used liquid pearls to outline the words with tiny green dots. Added random flowers, a glass button (hidden behind the white flower) a paper cutout and a rhinestone embellishment.

And here’s a look at the almost-finished product. Found myself almost loving the back more than the front! I used distress inks to outline the striped heart and give it a faded, vintage quality.

The back view

Remember what I said about not being afraid to use different papers to make up the same border? I thought the contrast was pretty stunning here!

The front

Alas, we realised that this banner was too small and that guests might have difficulty making out the words on it, hence, I decided to do an "enlarged" version.

Here’s a size comparison:

And here’s the final product!

I simply used a brown marker to write the words, and then went over it with glossy accents, which is a transparent 3D paint which gives a raised effect.

Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of the "here comes the bride banner" as the photog turned to photograph Andrew at this point. Heh. However, here’s cute little Kirsten stoically carrying the "I’m not the bride" banner at our wedding! Check out all the paparazzi behind!

The flower garland for her hair was made by my Ee Ee, and the purple tutu by Andrew’s cousin Evelyn (whose daughter Faith was also our flowergirl!) Daphne, Kirsten’s mum, also rushed to bring Kirsten down to the wedding though her son was ill. Apparently, that morning when Kirsten woke up, she took one look at her flowergirl costume and said, "I want to go". Aww!

Looking at this pic just brings back so many happy memories of all the wonderful people who went the extra mile to make our day possible- thank you once again!


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