Wedding DIY: "Here Comes the Bride" Flowergirl Banner

Jasmine: I’d seen weddings where flowergirls carried in a banner bearing the words, "Here comes the bride", and had always found that cute. I thought that making a basic banner from scratch would be a fun (and hopefully, easy) way to incorporate some crafty goodness into our wedding. Following this, I also made another banner that read "I’m not the bride".

So here goes nothing.

Step 1: Cut out ten hearts in two different sizes

Cut out hearts (a mixture of Webster’s Pages and Graphic45) and write the words, "Here Comes the Bride", on them. I had planned to use cardboard letters, but they were way too small, so I had to painstakingly write, colour in, outline and then use 3D accents on top to give the lettering a shiny, raised look.

A pic my sister snapped at random.

Trying to avoid finger cramp

Charlene, our self-appointed New Media Consultant, is really doing a great job, not only helping us capture candid moments, styling her own photoshoots, uploading all pictures and creating our montage (which she likes to point out would "cost us hundreds" elsewhere!).

Step 2: Embellish!

I added crystal accents and Prima flowers to the smaller hearts on the ends of the banner, and also looped the ribbon so that it would be easy for little hands to grasp it.

However, I thought that the scrap of tulle netting provided the best finishing touch, making the banner a tad more whimsical.

Step 3: Secure hearts with ribbons

I used a variety of trim- the music notes ribbon was from Daiso!


Layer different textures of ribbon in the same colour palette (in this case, cream) for a rich, dimensional look.

Step 4: Step back and admire!

The back view

The front


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