Bath Toys!

Jasmine: Bathtime is now one of Dylan’s favourite parts of the day. To be fair, the water on its own is fun enough, but when we throw in some bath toys, he never wants to get out. We have written about the bathing routine here, so this post will focus on some of the toys that have kept Dilly busy in the water. Most were gifts or if bought, were pretty low-cost.


Stop styling my hair with my shampoo

Andrew: Bath-time has always been his favourite time. There was a period where we were told to cut down his baths to once a day because his eczema was so bad, and it somehow felt that during that period, he was less smiley and cheerful. Poor boy… Bath-time is a fun time for us too and we have many cute videos of him giggling and laughing while we sing to him or tickle him during his bath. Anyway on to our bath-toys…

1. Stacking toys


A shower hat which we bought coz it looked so silly, the Ikea Mula stacking cups and a Munchkin snail bath set

The Munchkin snail bath set was a gift from Uncle Miao and Aunty Chrystal for Dylan’s man yue. Every item in this set floats and can be played with together or separately. It includes a snail, a sun squirter and three rings with different types of rotors or beads inside, which spin or rattle when water goes in. Dyl loves the rings the best. He uses them as teething toys and they keep him occupied after the bath when we’re changing him, which explains why one ring is missing from the picture- he probably threw it behind the dresser during a change. The rings stack on the snail, so they’re also good for teaching sorting and size recognition.

The Ikea Mula stacking cups were a gift from my former HQ colleague Eileen. I actually asked her to help me get them as our office was only 5 min drive from Ikea, but she refused to take payment from me. So nice of her! They are only $2.90 but Dylan has gotten so much use out of them, both dry and wet! A really good just-for-fun buy if you have a friend with a baby!

In the bath, they are especially useful as they have different sizes and numbers of holes, which varies the pouring experience, as it could be a gush of water or a rain shower. (Andrew: I have to admit I’m quite amused by the cups too and enjoy pulling them out of the bath-tub and looking at the differing streams of water. Actually, I do enjoy bath-tub baths! During our renovation, one of my few requests was to have a bath-tub for our bathroom, but it was too small for it. That would be one of my dreams for our next house.)


Yakult bottle strategically covering his boy bits

2. Pouring and hand-eye coordination toys

Jasmine: A very impressive title, but essentially just a sift (for flour) and a ball from the bag of ball pool balls Mum bought.


Jasmine: Inspired by pictures of basketball hoop bath toys I saw online, we thought Dyl would like catching the ball with the sift. However, he seems content for now to just use the sift to splash water all around (and on us).


 3. Bubbles!

Jasmine: Cannot go wrong with this one! Of course, any bubble solution would do, but we got this great German one, Pustefix, from an atrium sale. The bubbles don’t burst easily and are soap-free, which means it’s better for Dylan’s sensitive skin than other bubble solutions which contain soap. The wand mechanism is also nice for babies, as you have to press the bear’s tummy and the wand will slowly slide out for a peekaboo effect.


Andrew: I have great memories of me making my own bubble solution when I was young with our own body soap! Heh. My cousins and I also used to see who could make the biggest bubble using our hands or arms…. Anybody can visualise that? Heh.

When Dylan grows older and is able to play with stackable toys like Duplo/lego, we might consider buying him this Megablocks Build and Splash set, which we saw at Toys’ R’ Us while buying Bruce’s present:

Jasmine: If you stack it, you can pour water from the top, which will make each sea animal tip over so that the water will flow to the bottom. 

At $39.90 though, I think I’d rather make my own with empty plastic bottles, especially since it’s not quite as open-ended as the other Megablok sets. But a fun alternative and I can see Dilly liking all the moving parts and running water anyway.

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