Visiting Baby Cousins (And Baby Auntie)

Andrew: We always say that Dylan has so many little girl babies to play with, but that’s good too – because he gets to learn how to interact and take care of his little sister, coming soon. In the span of a few months, we’ve had two new baby girls added to the family and this always gives us a good reason to go visit!

Baby Jewel @ 2 months old (Photos courtesy of my cousin, Davyd)

Andrew: We visited Baby Jewel to pass her her man yue presents as we had to miss it as Dylan was unwell. Going house visiting also shows us how much our son has grown as he no longer has as much stranger anxiety as before. He only cried and was clingy for about the first 10 – 15 minutes when entering Davyd and Fran’s home, and after that, he became so comfortable with the place, running all around, smiling at everyone, playing with their scrabble tiles and repeatedly removing the rubber protectors at the corners of the coffee table.

Jasmine: The corner protectors were actually meant to be child-safe. Ahem, Dilly.

Andrew: Jewel was sleeping for the first half of our visit, but woke up soon after and then, we tried to teach Dylan how to interact with a little baby girl. See him just sitting there, staring and not knowing what to do.

Still looking on, curiously…. even as Jewel stretches out her hand to him

Before finally lurching himself forward to give her a hug, and turn his face to the camera – this boy’s quite the camwhore!

Jasmine: Dylan was actually very sweet. In addition to his affectionate side, I think all the training with the penguins is paying off, and he actually tried to rub noses with Jewel and lay his head on her head and tummy. One thing that didn’t work was the “soft touch” though- Dylan’s version of soft touch with Jewel was to almost jab her tummy. I had to quickly take his hand away.

Andrew: It’s so great to see the family just ‘growing up’ together!  Can’t imagine that these were the same cousins we used to play catching with, and play pranks on our uncle and aunties and have sleep-overs. Davyd somehow always loves to recount the story of how I cried during the first sleep-over at their place once the lights were turned off and we had to call my parents to bring me back. Heh. My shyness is something I definitely do not want my son to inherit, though I will love him all the same of course!

Dylan squirms and tries to break free, whereas newborn Jewel lies comfortably in his father’s arms.

Baby Leia @ 1 week old (Photos courtesy of Charlene and Ee Zhai)

Jasmine: My mum, sis and I went to visit my aunt who had just given birth to her sixth child (respect!!), Leia!

Dylan was very happy getting all dressed up: in the Venetian gondolier shirt Char bought him from Italy:

The thing I love about visiting other parents with young kids is that their houses are already baby-friendly and we never have to worry about entertaining Dylan- either the toys or the boys will! When we reached Ee Zhai’s house, Ee Zhai brought out wooden blocks and musical instruments for Dylan to play with, and her boys Elliot and later Ansel came to build towers for Dylan to knock down.

This gave us plenty of time to coo over the new arrival, little Leia!

Oops, a few people saw this pic on FB and thought I had already given birth.

Both baby Jewel and Leia seem so light after carrying Dilly all this while!

Here’s Dilly meeting his auntie.

Leia: Argh, who is this monster next to me?

Four generations in one pic: my grandmum, my mum and aunt, my cousin baby Leia and my precious son Dilly!

One of Mum, sis, Leia, Dilly and I before we left! Look how Dylan turned their coffee table into his play table.. Heh.

Char and I were chatting in the backseat, then we suddenly realised Dylan was very quiet. Looked over and realised he had knocked out!

My little koala!

The great thing was that Dylan didn’t seem jealous of me carrying baby Jewel or Leia; in fact, he was more interested in tottering round both houses. Hopefully a good sign for when baby girl is born!

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