Dylan’s Second Newborn Shoot: Indoor Photography

Jasmine: You know it’s Jasmine and Andrew’s baby when Baby D gets not one photoshoot but two! (Andrew: Kinda crazy – he’s had 3 photoshoots already and another 2 in the pipeline this year! Watch out for our next post on his photoshoot in Shanghai!)

Our maternity shoot photographer, whose pictures we loved and blogged about here, was so kind as to offer us a complimentary newborn shoot! We had already done one newborn shoot when Dylan was nine days old,  so we scheduled this shoot to complement rather than duplicate the previous. Thus, instead of a studio setup with professional lighting and backdrops, we opted for a natural feel in our home by daylight, and the “props” were everyday items used by Dylan. We also chose to have this newborn shoot when Dylan was one month old, a big milestone for new parents, so that it might serve as a visual record of how he had grown since the studio shoot.

Andrew: This shoot was much better, as we had somewhat grown more confident in handling him and also, since it was at home, we could put him to sleep in settings he was comfortable in. We chose a more casual feel for this photo-shoot, to re-create a simple day of just being at home with Dilly (with many costume-changes, which might not be too far-off from the truth when he was at that stage!).

Here are various types of shots we had:

Symbolic Items

babydylan (48)

Baby socks gifted by my sister

babydylan (47)

Jasmine: Scrabble tiles and a pair of mittens (the backdrop is actually the fitted sheet in Dylan’s crib). This was a really thoughtful link to our maternity shoot, where we used Scrabble tiles to announce Dylan’s name.

babydylan (5)

Jasmine: Not really a symbolic item per se, but a meaningful one. We wanted some shots of Dylan on this big beanbag sunbear, as I bought this during my pregnancy thinking it would help my back and be thereafter used in the nursery. Dylan still loves it now although the bear is abit deflated (kinda like his smelly penguin), he will throw himself on it, “suntan” while lying on it and basically climb everywhere.

20131009_123332Picture not from photo-shoot, but just oh so cute!

Andrew: This bear is kind of like a signature piece in our house, which many people are quite amused with whenever they come visiting. This carpet is also quite unique, specially bought by Dearie from a US home decor website (pier1.com). I love the colours in this shot! The bear’s one of my favourite lazy piece of furniture and I used to just lie back on it in the living room and do my reading or watch TV in the living room. Taking this shot was quite a delicate balancing act as we had to place him there gently enough so that he wouldn’t wake up and then stand round to ensure he wouldn’t just slip off. The things we do just for a photo!

Dylan’s costumes

Jasmine: As mentioned, this shoot was a simple home affair so we had to provide all our own props- which was also fun as we had total creative control! We had to get Dilly undressed first…

babydylan (36)
Not another photo-shoot… I just want to sleep…

Jasmine: And comfortable enough to take this shot, which looks quite dreamy, but is actually Dylan wrapped in the Aden+Anais swaddle cloth, lying on our sofa:

babydylan (43)

Jasmine: Before taking pictures with this adorable lamb hat that Ee Ee knitted (if you recall, she also knitted the peapod in our other newborn shoot, and said it was her gift to Dylan)…

babydylan (38) 
Hmm… will I get a chance to pee on Daddy again this time? *evil thoughts*

babydylan (1)
I want my milk…

Jasmine: I love this shot of my little lamb yawning while flaunting his double chin. If he were willing I’d have him wear that lamb hat everyday.

babydylan (39)Haven’t I been in this position for too long already? Somebody move me!

Another outfit was the SuperCute romper which Dylan wore for his man yue:

babydylan (45)

babydylan (44)

Jasmine: At this point he was so milk-drunk that the photos were hilarious. Superhero sleeping on the job.

Andrew: We really had a good laugh taking the photos above – this superhero had to have his neck and back propped up by Daddy for this shot. So fun!

Family shots

Jasmine: It was also nice to sit down and enjoy our baby, while having the photographers document those happy moments:

babydylan (23)

Andrew: This is really one of my favourite shots. Reminds me of how much he has grown – he used to be so small that we could just cradle him in our arms. Now no longer.

babydylan (22)

babydylan (12)

babydylan (41)  babydylan (33)

Andrew: 2 contrasting shots pre and post-delivery below – me holding wife and baby in both shots 🙂

babydylan (52)

We should have been more intentional to do a contrasting pre/post shot – that would have been sweet! Dear, for your noting as you plan our next photo-shoots. Thanks!


Jasmine: I bet Andrew will say this category is an excuse to show off new purchases for the nursery…. (Andrew: I would have expected no-less from you…)

And he’s right, darn it.

But just two: the Ikea Maskros pendant light from Ikea and a canvas print which I fell in love with, by Canadian artist Nancy Ramirez, who combines both traditional and digital media to create art that is contrastive- the sharp lines of digital design versus the hand-painted shapes and vibrant hues of abstract painting.

babydylan (31)

Oops, the artist actually asked me to send her a picture of her work in the nursery, and not only have I not done so after a year, we have also since replaced it with a larger one from Bali!

Close-ups of his tiny feet and hands

And lastly, no newborn shoot would be complete without detail shots of newborn preciousness: tiny feet, a full head of hair, pillowy cheeks.

babydylan (27)

babydylan (10)

babydylan (19)

babydylan (16)

Andrew: All in all, this was a fun photo-shoot, with many tender, family moments captured. I thought the photographers did quite a good job of using various parts of our house as a backdrop for the photos. Not sure if Dylan enjoyed it as much, but we sure did!

As a bonus, the photographers – Ashley and Alvin – also specially made an announcement card for us for our man yue. What great service!


Thanks once again to Likes of Love for this beautiful photoshoot. From what we’ve seen on their site recently, they have started to go more into maternity and family shoots!


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