Green Toys Submarine and Dump Truck: Product Reviews

Jasmine: I love toys (probably more so than Dylan!!) but we all know that toy production has a harmful impact on the environment, with the waste generated, toxic by-products and also the BPAs and phthalates in some plastic toys which could pose a danger to kids.

I was excited when my endless hours of aimlessly surfing Amazon  toy research  led me to this company, Green Toys, which makes toys out of 100% recycled milk jugs. According to their website, every pound of recycled milk jugs saves enough electricity to power a TV for 3 weeks or a laptop for a month! (Andrew: Btw, every ‘green toy’ we buy is sufficient to power the electricity in our house for 3 days, based on our current electricity bill.)

And not to mention, the entertainment value of the toys was highly rated on Amazon, so when a Green Toys sale came up at Motherswork, I just had to get a couple of toys!

Andrew: Oh man, I thought usually it’s the parents who have to stop the kids from buying more toys! Looks like I’d be alone on this in future. Dearie even commented after leaving the toy shop that we should bring Dylan here some day in future, to which I told her, “You never bring a kid to a toy-shop, because you’ll end up with him wanting to buy everything.”


Jasmine: As you know, all Dylan’s bath toys are gifted so this was the first bath toy we got for him. I like that it has so many possibilities in water- it can float when empty, sink when filled with water and has a handy handle and wide spout for pouring!



Dilly didn’t quite enjoy being ‘rinsed’ with it today and kept wincing and closing his eyes, even trying to climb out of the bath-tub. Heh.


However, he liked spinning the movable propellers, which rotate underwater. 


The top of the sub also lifts off so you can put toy figurines in, for more imaginative play! This seems like a great unisex toy, and at just $13 on sale, would be ideal for a birthday gift!

Dump Truck

Andrew: I still remember when I was a kid, one of my favourite toys was a big yellow dump truck! It had a handle by the side, which you could use to tip the dump and I had endless hours of fun with it, pushing it around and loading it with Lego blocks. Occasionally, we would also recreate destruction scenes, where we would specially create a nice house/building using Lego and then ram the whole dump truck through it! LOL. This is the kind of game boys love to play. Anyway, on to Dylan’s toys…

Jasmine: We were deciding between this and the recycling truck, which would be great for inculcating eco-friendliness in kids (one mum blogger wrote that her children had “recycled” every piece of scrap paper in the house by end of the week!). However, we thought that a dump truck would be a classic for both boys and girls, and it could hold many of his toys, such as his little collection of balls:


Dylan can also tilt the dump bed to empty out whatever’s inside. I can imagine that this is a toy that will grow with him, and will be perfect for sand play. The wheels are super large so they run well both indoors and I presume outdoors too.


However, what he really enjoyed was our little tweak to the truck- adding Daddy’s belt to convert it into a pull toy.


Because of the way the belt was positioned, Dilly couldn’t quite steer the truck right, so Andrew improvised again, taping our measuring tape to the truck.

Andrew: First of all Dear, please do not use my accessories/clothes as toys for Dylan. Next thing I know I’ll find my cuff-links dumped in a tupperware of rice as part of your ‘treasure hunt’ activity. Secondly, you clearly have no idea how pull toys work (or any basic sense of motion)! Basically, Dear had attached my belt in such a way that the truck would be pulled sideways, which goes in a completely opposite direction to its wheels… Let a man do it…


Jasmine: Tip for all wives, if you want your husband to be involved, make sure you do it wrongly so he will feel compelled to “fix it”. Darnit I’m good!

And off Dilly went!


Jasmine: He had fun pulling along various things in his dump truck, such as the balls, books, diapers (the clean ones) and even… smelly penguin.Which sadly he did not dump.


Dylan has been playing with the dump truck for the better part of this afternoon and night, so we are now going to box it up and keep it until his little sister is born, then present it to him as a gift from his sister! My mum says I shouldn’t be a cheapo and that I will most likely end up buying more toys since I’ve been put on yet another week of bedrest –_-


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