Our Second Maternity Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Jasmine: With weeks to go before baby girl arrives, we arranged for a maternity cum family shoot. We wanted to keep it simple, so we opted for a 2-hour shoot. and planned for most of it to be done indoors, in air-con, so that it’d be more restful.

Here’s Andrew, not to be outdone, getting his hair styled by my wonderful makeup artist, Chris. It was meant to be just hair and makeup for me but Chris was nice enough to blow-dry and style Andrew’s hair too. (Andrew: Took the opportunity to get some tips on everyday hairstyling too!)


Jasmine: Dylan and Daddy wore matching vests. Andrew’s vest and pants were tailor-made during our Shanghai trip, while Dylan’s vest was a gift from my mum (sale somewhere).


We chose the woven brown fabric for Andrew’s tailored vest and pant combi coz we wanted something different from the abundance of black, navy and gray in his wardrobe but still refined and gentlemanly. And of course, I’m totally biased, but Dylan looks cute in anything he wears. [Andrew: Totally agree! The moment my little boy tottered out of his room in that vest, my heart just melted! He was so so so cute!!]

Kudos also to Chris, my makeup artist… If you remember, I bought this oversized floral accessory from Phuket, Thailand, which everybody hated. Chris cleverly turned it upside down and positioned it on the side of my head, so that it wouldn’t be too outstanding. [Andrew: Okay, so Chris’ fee was well-spent, for making THAT thing look good.]

Yup, that’s the look Andrew gave me. But I still bought it anyways.

The final look – as styled by Chris!


Andrew: As always, Chris did a great job with Dearie’s make-up and she looked absolutely gorgeous!

Jasmine: Anyway, Dilly and Andrew were dressed in brown to complement my maternity gown, which I customised from Etsy- I requested a gown with different lengths of fabric, and that the innermost layer of fabric (which was originally beige) be swopped out with a deeper shade of mocha for more dimension.

This silly dress gave me a lot of headaches coz I ordered it express, but instead of taking the 5-6 days (including tailoring from scratch and international shipping) as promised, it took almost 2.5 wks, which meant I had to postpone the shoot by a week. Thankfully we managed to reschedule with our makeup artist and photographer- I just hope the dress photographs well, for all that trouble! It looks a tad too bright (the peach layer) and dishevelled here…



Coaxing little Dilly to smile – this photo was standing between him and
his milk feed!

Without even asking, Chris styled my hair so that I could have two looks in one shoot- the illusion updo above, which I then let down in the car and released the waves for a more casual bob:



Jasmine: This was the most chill photographer we’ve worked with. Thomas didn’t give us any direction except “let’s keep posing down to a minimum” and “treat it as a family outing, I’ll shoot like a family friend”. In fact, these shots taken with our phone cameras are probably even more posed than the shots taken by our photog!

We weren’t quite sure what the shots looked like even at the end of the shoot, but we are trusting that all will turn out well as we really liked his online portfolio! Fingers crossed!

family shoot singapore, the peeping thom,

Andrew: I guess that’s why he calls himself Peeping Thom! Didn’t even feel like we were at a photoshoot this time, honestly. For our first maternity shoot, we were really going for more of a ‘home’ feel, as we wanted to showcase everyday moments at home, with the two of us just enjoying each other’s company and the arrival of our little one. With this second shoot, it was more about enjoying a chill day out and having fun with Dylan and our second one. Dilly was good throughout the shoot and surprisingly, he even managed to nap on the way to our final location. We can’t wait to see the photos!


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