House Tour: A Ten-Minute Laundry Area Makeover

Jasmine: I have been putting off re-organising our laundry area for months. It’s kinda always been a source of embarrassment to me, since unlike other areas that you can just shut off, it’s right there in the open of the kitchen.

Thankfully, when I was at work, our trusty contractor Mr Poh came and helped us fix an Ikea shelf (thank Mum for overseeing!), so all I had to do today was shove things into these woven Daiso baskets, which again, I’d been holding on to for ages. (Andrew: Our contractor has been really helpful – dropping by now and then to help us, I mean Dearie, with all her little makeover projects, saving me the trouble of having to do any drilling or fixing of furniture.)

This is the neatened-up condition- not perfect, but better than before:


Mr Poh also helped install these flip-up hooks from Ikea. They fold up to streamline visual clutter when not in use…


And fold down if we need to hang some clothes, laundry bags etc…


The before condition (only one shelf, un-coordinated and therefore unsightly open storage):


And after:


I really like how deep the Daiso baskets are as they help conceal all the unattractive laundry paraphernalia, yet keep everything within easy reach. I only wish they had more substantial bases for the heavy bottles I’ve put in there.

Check out the before condition of the other side of the laundry area:


Mess, mess, mess. Sigh. We actually made this matching faux marble laminate to store our baby bathtubs, pails and stool, but for some reason, other things keep accumulating on the countertop, which is a pet peeve of mine.

Once we installed the extra shelf, all the soap bottles and bath toys could be contained in the Daiso baskets on the other side! Even the wet laundry and dishcloths hanging off our window grills can now be hung from hangers on the flip-up hooks…

But it looked a little too spartan, even with the fake orchid plant, which I just shifted over from the library dining room…


So I tacked up a Paris map that Dear bought for me during our dating days with some washi tape. Dear is already not a fan of it, but I’m gonna just live with it there for a few days to see how I like it. If I like it, I may consider a more permanent way of framing it which would also protect it better from the afternoon sun.

Andrew: What I’m not a fan is the way it’s pasted/ ‘bandaged’ up and how the map looks so crumpled – but I have no objections to it being there.


Best part is, this mini-makeover took 10 minutes and cost nothing, as we already had everything!


Faux marble custom cabinet: Maple Construction

Paris map: Books Actually

Shelves, flip-up hooks, fake orchid and white vase: Ikea

Woven baskets (turquoise): Daiso

Woven basket (rattan): Bali

Laundry bag: King & King Wong

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