Dylan’s Baby Dior Shoot

Jasmine: So we blogged about the wonderful pampering experience of being invited to Baby Dior’s opening at MBS. As always, the impeccable Dior team mailed us two prints upon hearing that I had given birth (instead of us going down to the store to get it), and emailed us more softcopies in the same day that I requested them. Here they are!

A shot of the handsome little boy and his new friend, Gabriel the Bear. This little white shirt is amazingly cut- I’m still thinking of it but if I had that kind of money, I’d sooner spend it on home reno than a shirt that Dylan will outgrow by next year.

Andrew: This whole outfit that Dylan is wearing probably costs close too $1000, more than any of Daddy or Mummy’s outfits. What a privileged boy he is – his Mum and Dad never got a photo-shoot in branded clothes ever. He looks so proud in this photo and his classic ‘soft-touch’ on the nose of the bear is perfectly captured! The shirt is so smartly folded up too. It was this shot that was developed for us.


Jasmine: We also got in some nice family shots in the store. This first one most obviously shows my tummy.




And one with Mona, the Grande Vendoir who secured our invite. The photographer asked me to move my bag but I told him I precisely wanted a photo with it. Heh.


Jasmine: A couple more shots of happy, cute Dilly! These are totally going up on our family gallery wall!




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