Behind the Scenes: Emmy’s Newborn Shoot

Andrew: Emmeline’s journey into the world of photoshoots began last Monday at 11 days – a bit later than Dylan’s, because unfortunately Dear had a tummyache on Day 7 (which was the original date scheduled).

Jasmine: Yes, I was starving at 6am after breastfeeding Emmeline, but there was only a box of blueberries in the fridge, so I ate it… and woke up with such terrible diarrhea that I felt like passing out.

Anyway, I chose this photographer because she had a stunning portfolio of newborn photography. While Dylan’s shoot was very staged, I wanted something abit more natural and organic, with a timeless feel, so we went with this photog.

Andrew: This was a much ‘larger’ studio (a whole apartment bought specially for the full-length windows that let much natural light in) than our first newborn shoot with Dylan, in that there was a dedicated room for the shoot with all the props and the rest could wait at the living room, where there was a play-kitchen and eventually, even a cute little jie jie to play with Dilly:


This little boy makes friends so easily! Heh. The sofa also became a convenient place to put him down for his nap after lunch.

In the studio itself, we were so impressed with the whole range of props that the photographer had amassed over the years. Her passion was clearly evident!


Rows of hats, blankets, baskets and backdrops. The blue, pink and ivory checkered fabric is actually a 1950s vintage quilt that the photog got in Portland.


Trolley full of baby wraps


Trayful of little girl headbands… something Dylan couldn’t do during his shoot. Many of these were just little fabric scraps and dried flowers that the photog made herself.

Andrew: We were told to set aside maximum 5 hours for the photoshoot and innocent ol’ me thought to myself, ‘Why would we need so long? We should be done in about 2-3 hours!’ Dylan’s shoot took about 4 hours, with a lot of it spent feeding him and I thought it’d be better with experience. We had planned a whole arsenal of goodies to ensure good behaviour like expressed milk for Emmeline (to prevent Dear from being over-stressed with breastfeeding), breast-feeding cloth, bread for Dylan and all. But as it was, things didn’t turn out quite as planned.

Dylan was well-behaved this time, probably because we do have his patterns figured out better and can manage him better. However, Emmeline took much longer than expected getting settled down including multiple breast-feeds and syringe feeds – the syringe feeding didn’t quite work out too, as the milk kept leaking out of baby’s mouth. Also, the photographer only wanted to take pictures of Emmy when she was fully asleep, as compared to our previous photographer who begun taking photographs even when Dylan was not asleep but calm. That made for rather cute shots too as Dylan had rather funny expressions, even at the newborn stage. (Jasmine: Yes, the photog caught Dylan letting out a gas-smile and yawning, which were adorable!)


A famfie to entertain little Dillie while Meimei was being photographed

Andrew: Our confinement nanny wasn’t experienced with syringe feeding and kept blaming it on the size of the syringe, but even when we gave her a smaller one, milk kept spilling out still. It turned out to be a rather stressful and tiring start, especially for Dear who just kept feeding Emmy non-stop.

Jasmine: Yes, it was real heart pain to see half the expressed milk leaking out. Quite honestly I would not recommend this photog: even though the photos are beautiful, I’m not sure it was worth putting tiny Emmeline and the whole family through that experience again. I felt that both Emmeline and us parents got blamed multiple times for the shoot not proceeding as planned, largely because Emmeline refused to sleep and the photog refused to take non-sleeping pictures. I’m sorry but I’m not going back.

Andrew: It was only at about 4 hours in that the photoshoot really began as Emmeline acclimatised to the surroundings/fabrics and started sleeping so soundly that the photog could take her in various cute outfits and positions:

Jasmine: We started with wraps to keep her feeling safe and secure.


Similar concept but in a bowl. I love those precious hands and feet peeking out.


And then Emmeline got flipped onto her tummy when she was sleeping more soundly. Here she is flashing her bum. Heh. Incidentally you can see the lovely natural light filtering through the large windows.


And one in a darling rustic iron pram:


Andrew: Honestly, it was a stressful experience for all, but we’ve just received the first pictures and are pleased with them! Looking forward to the rest of the shots!

photoshoot2 photoshoot


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