About Two Geeks in Love

We are two geeks who love each other (he loves her more, though).

Andrew first noticed Jasmine when they were studying together at NIE. Attracted by her strange dress sense and nerdy habit of scrawling notes all over the margins of her readings, he finally plucked up the nerve to ask her… to be his project mate.

Jasmine, on the other hand, was most surprised by the strange guy who kept glancing her way every five minutes. However, his diligence and the fact that he outgeeked her on several projects eventually won her over, and when he asked her out (for real) almost nine months later, she agreed.

This blog chronicles their fashion foibles, museum exploits and forays into cooking and food.


3 responses to “About Two Geeks in Love

  1. a most informative reading, most of the literary content done by the fairer one in the relationship. A must-read for friends of both and either to get to know them better.

    *gasps* valecdictorian!?!?! wendy does all of us proud yet again ^__________^

    • Hi AD, thanks for your comment! The darker one in the relationship says that he plans to start generating more “literary” content in the weeks to come.

      And yes, i’m very proud of him too:)

    • thanks Arm for the ‘blurb’ to our blog. you sound like a blog reviewer writing for the newspapers or something. and PLEASE do not call me Wendy on this blog. THANK YOU.

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