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Wacky Baby Products

Jasmine: I guess it’s no secret that we quite love testing out baby products and toys- if I were to link all the posts we’ve done, I’d probably need a glossary. Heh. We do believe in durability, aesthetic appeal, open-endedness and ease of cleanliness, and read reviews with great fervour to separate the must-haves from the nice-to-haves.  (Andrew: Dearie’s the one who judiciously researches every product we buy on Amazon to ensure we buy the stuff that has the best customer reviews – to the extent that once we stood at Isetan for about 20 minutes, while she checked thru Amazon for which wooden toy had the best reviews. Yes, that’s how crazy my wife is.)

We have, however, occasionally caved in to buy some silly or outright wacky baby products- and here are our reviews:

1. Baby shower hat ($6 at Isetan)

Jasmine: This is supposed to keep shampoo and water out of baby’s eyes as the water drains off the grooves. In reality though, using one hand as a “visor” to shield baby’s eyes works just as well. (Andrew: No it doesn’t… when was the last time you bathed baby?) Now I supervise, dear 😀

We just bought this silly hat on impulse coz it makes Dylan look like a sunflower. Weirdly too, we found this in the kitchenware section of Isetan.



Andrew: Dylan used to detest things on his head, like hats, and would keep pullin them off, but he had no issues with this shower hat. It worked well when I had to wash vigorously, with the showerhead to remove the rice grains in his hair after a very messy lunch. Well, aren’t his meals all messy? Anyway, the size is also customizable to your baby’s head size, by cutting slits in the middle. The crazy things people come up with! Dillie looks soo cute in it!

2. Japanese baby banana toothbrush ($9.90 at Kiddy Palace)

Jasmine: We were actually rather late in starting dental hygiene. Apparently, we are supposed to start brushing as early as 4 months of age, or whenever baby gets his first tooth. The idea is to start young so that he won’t be resistant to having a toothbrush in his mouth- however, if you know babies, they can’t resist putting things in their mouths, especially contraband items, so I don’t really feel like we missed the boat here. Heh.

We did get this Japanese baby banana toothbrush for him, which also doubles as a teether as there are different grooves on the base. Dyl loves the squeaky sound of the brush against his teeth, and will not only brush his teeth (and gums) himself, but let us do so for him as he squeals happily.


It’s easy to hold and looks like his favourite thing in the world, bananas! What’s not to love?

We later realised this was an imitation of the original Baby Banana Toothbrush- which costs double the price (Oral B should really tap this toddler market) but is supposedly very good quality- reinforced bristles to withstand the tearing power of teething babies who use it as a teether. We bought one for Baby Leia, hopefully she will like using hers too.

3. Summer Infant Tiny Diner placemat ($12 from Amazon)

Jasmine: “What is this thing?” was the unspoken question my family had when we unrolled it and put it in front of Dylan when we went for Mother’s Day dinner.

It is a placemat with suction cups to adhere it to any table, to provide a clean eating surface for baby. We thought this would be quite handy for Dyl to practise Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) or have finger foods at restaurants.

Well, he didn’t get to make much of a mess ‘coz all he got was cucumber…


Sorry, I take my words back.


Also comes with a crumb-catcher pocket to minimise spillage or droppage.

Andrew: This is a great invention, which makes meal times that much more bearable. At restaurants, we usually like to give Dilly some finger food, because that means we can continue to eat while we occupy ourselves with our own food. Problem is sometimes the surface can be dirty, or Dilly just ends up smearing the food all over the table. With this mat, that reduces the mess slightly. More good meal-times ahead for Jazzy and Andrew!

4. Pacifier Medicine Dispenser ($4.90 at Toys R Us)

Jasmine: And lastly, most babies hate being given medicine through a syringe, so we thought this was equal parts ridiculous and genius. We haven’t tried it yet, but Andrew suggests that we can offer this to baby with some yucky liquid inside to break Dylan of his pacifier habit. So mean.


Andrew: We bought this when we first had to give medicine to Dillie and he kept squirming whenever we used the syringe to ‘squirt’ medicine into his mouth. However, since then, he has become used to taking medicine from a spoon, so no more use for this! As you can see, it’s still nicely packaged, so I’m not sure when we’re going to find a use for it – maybe for baby girl?

Jasmine: I think maybe Andrew can try it if he falls sick. Men tend to be so whiny when ill…